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At Clutton Cox we specialise in Residential Conveyancing.

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My name is Paul Hajek, and I’m a solicitor. I and everyone at Clutton Cox want to help make your experience of house buying and selling as smooth and stress free as possible.

About Us

Clutton Cox is a small but perfectly formed law firm located in Chipping Sodbury, South Gloucestershire, near Yate, at the southern edge of the Cotswolds.  We are situated on the High Street within convenient walking distance of traditional pubs and very close to Hobbs House Butchery and Bakery. Those of you watching Channel 4 after Heston in 2012 will have come across our new local celebrities Henry and Tom Herbert aka the Fabulous Baker Brothers.

How are Clutton Cox different?

All Law Firms Are Not The Same, but you knew that. So how are Clutton Cox different? Well for a start we try and speak and write in clear and easy to understand language not wrapped up in legal jargon. There are plenty of technically competent lawyers. There are fewer that are service quality competent. Fewer that are willing to give you what you want and not just what they think you need. Take your own experience. Have you dealt with a professional recently whether or not a lawyer? An estate agent maybe? A mortgage adviser perhaps?

What to look for when choosifinding a conveyancerng your Conveyancer

The internet has changed how we now search and shop for products and services. People now, as well as asking friends and family, more and more, use the Internet to gather information, social proof and make better-informed decisions. Legal Services and in particular choosing a Conveyancer are no different. The Estate Agent no longer holds all the informational cards on whom you should instruct on your move. How to choose the right Conveyancer or Conveyancing Solicitor for you We touched on how you should go about choosing the right Estate Agent here. Those same principles apply.

We’ve made a list of what to look for below.

Look for recommendations icon

Again first-hand knowledge or recommendation from friends and family should be your first port of call. Simple.

How helpful was the Conveyancers website? icon

Can a law firm website actually start helping before you ever ask them for help?

A good gauge would be to see how generous each law firm is in giving you answers to your questions already through their website. A bit like this series of posts. There are a few Conveyancing content-rich websites which act as good helpers to answer questions and explain the Conveyancing process Moving house is a big undertaking. There are many moving parts – literally! You probably have 4 or 5 questions about moving home and the Conveyancing process up your sleeve already. Many Conveyancing websites have moved on from the days of static brochures and some scant detail of the Senior Partners’ equestrian pursuits.

“Do some Google searches and browse some Conveyancing Websites to see what you can learn before having to decide which Conveyancing firm to choose.”

A small number of Conveyancing law firm websites will not just have blog posts like this but will have additional interesting information set out in video, infographically, spoken and in engaging pictorial way.

Is the law firm a member of the Conveyancing qualityonveyancing quality scheme? icon

As a gimme look for the Conveyancing Quality Scheme (CQS) as an entry point, and also is the firm a member of the Conveyancing Association?

You can now look for a Conveyancing quality mark under the Conveyancing Quality Scheme.

The Conveyancing firms that attain the quality mark are truly Conveyancing Specialists. Not all Solicitors can use the CQS mark. More about the Conveyancing Quality Scheme and the Conveyancing Association later in this series.

Avoid estate agents who push Conveyancing down your throat icon

There are Estate Agents who recommend Conveyancing firms and those that refer Conveyancing firms. The difference can be important.

There are some Estate Agents who are paid by Third Party Intermediaries or Conveyancing Law Firms to refer Conveyancing to them. Corporate Estate Agents (as opposed to Independent Agents) are the main culprits. Corporate Estate Agents either have a sister company which carries out Conveyancing (I call them factory Conveyancers) or are paid £100s of pounds in referral fees by third party panel managers who then pass on the referral to their pet Law Firm.

If your referred Conveyancers are many if not hundreds of miles away (or in another country) then this is likely to be the case.The Estate Agent should disclose at the outset that they will receive a referral fee. Of course, there is nothing wrong with an Estate Agent being paid for promoting the benefits of a particular Conveyancing firm.

The benefits for you can be a more streamlined Conveyancing transaction with protocols of agreed service standards; telephone communication, automatic SMS updates and email notification of key stages, and enhanced cooperation.Unfortunately, in the real world, there is much evidence that some Estate Agents merely go to the Conveyancer or intermediary panel who pay them the most.

This problem has been made worse by the so-called “online Estate Agents” who can forcibly push their Conveyancing solution in return for as high as 42% of the overall Conveyancing fee by way of their fee. We think this is a huge conflict of interest – avoid. If ever your Estate Agent demands you must use “their Conveyancers” they are referring not recommending. Take note but don’t be browbeaten.

Are Conveyancers from Mars and clients from Venus? icon

You remember that book about men and women coexisting and behaving as if they were from different planets, don’t you? The list of usual suspects, as it were; no proper communication, inability to mind-read each other, that sort of thing.

Well, it occurred to me reading various published reports and guides issued by the Legal Ombudsman (LeO) – the port of last resort for legal complaints – that some Conveyancers (men and women) and some clients (men and women) could indeed inhabit those distant planets.

The LeO published a report in 2014 entitled “Losing the Plot: Residential conveyancing complaints and their causes.” You can read the full report here

It’s rather fitting perhaps that emotional intelligence should be at the forefront in a Conveyancing transaction. The LeO report acknowledges that buying a house is a “deeply emotional experience.” And “given the emotions involved it isn’t always easy to resolve these complaints.”

And to prove we are seasoned intergalactic travellers between Mars and Venus and happy to inhabit both worlds read guide on what to expect from your Conveyancers

If you like the personal touch avoid the Conveyancing factories icon

If you agree that moving home is often a deeply emotional experience and you are not a fan of impersonal service, you should avoid the Conveyancing Factories.

You know the thing: You are in a queue –your call is important to us, we will put you through to your case handler shortly.

Some are obviously better than others but problems often arise in Conveyancing transactions and you need an experienced Conveyancer to problem solve and be proactive in finding a workable solution for you.

The motivation to get you the best Conveyancer for your move has been eroded over the years by corporate owned Estate Agents. These Estate Agents own their own firms of Licensed Conveyancers and “push” Conveyancing to their sister companies. This option is also usually the most expensive.

It involves high-pressure tactics to get you to sign up to the Conveyancing service as soon as possible or face the prospect of being pestered until you make a decision.

Not all Conveyancing websites are law firms icon

The internet has spawned many websites based around Conveyancing.The sites have the look and feel of Conveyancing firms but are in fact referral sites such as here and here. They are not law firms and simply put you in touch (and be paid handsomely by) bona fide Conveyancing firms.

Quick Tip: Cut out the middleman and go to bona fide Conveyancing law firm websites directly.

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“Clutton Cox made everything very clear. Excellent service through the whole process. I would recommend Clutton Cox, they were very professional, prompt and helpful”

Mr O, Bristol

“Clutton Cox made everything very clear. Excellent service through the whole process. I would recommend Clutton Cox, they were very professional, prompt and helpful”

Mr O, Bristol

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