Would You Use Social Media and Web Directories to Choose A Solicitor?

Paul Hajek | 30 Mar 2010

In the good old days, most people asked friends and colleagues for a recommendation when you wanted to find a Solicitor to carry out your Conveyancing or to prepare your Wills.

Some were persuaded to “let their fingers do the walking” and consult the oracle that was Yellow Pages.

Others were reliant on other professionals such as Estate Agents, Bank or Building Society Managers, Accountants or mortgage brokers to point them in the right direction.

Happily, personal recommendation is still the most favoured route in deciding upon a Solicitor for Conveyancing and Wills.

But, there is now a new kid on the block: The Internet, or more importantly search engines such a Google, Yahoo, Bing and social media sites such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

I have posted on results of recent polls here, here, and here. Two out of the three polls put the percentage of those choosing a Solicitor online between 21 and 26%.

The power and reach of social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook is mind-blowing.

The public are able to ask questions about everyday legal matters and find solicitors willing to answer, help out or point in the right direction.

The public, who use these social media sites, are usually effusive in their thanks and praise and more than willing to recommend to their friends and family in turn.

Twitter and Facebook also allow greater interaction with clients in a less formal environment which can lead to better and stronger relationships.

This is happening now with product manufacturers and service industries and the move into the legal sector will be inevitable.

So allow me to introduce Clutton Cox to you and feel free to follow me on Twitter. I hope you like what you find and I trust we may be able to help you with your Conveyancing, Making a Will or guiding you through the difficulties of a Probate

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