More people using the internet to choose their lawyer

Paul Hajek | 3 Jun 2009

A newly commissioned 66 page market research report on how the public perceives Solicitors has just been published. This major opinion poll was commissioned by the relatively new regulator of Solicitors,the Solicitors Regulatory Authority (SRA)

One of the most surprising findings of the research was that some 26% of people are now most likely to “find” their lawyer on the internet. This compares with the same percentage who stated they would use a family lawyer and a little bit more than the percentage who would ask for a recommendation.

The role of the internet and how it shapes peoples’ opinion of solicitors seems set to change dramatically over the next few years. Already, the ability to make your own mind up about a solicitor or firm of solicitors based on information gleaned from the internet is ahead of people who seek a recommendation from someone else, and on a par with using the family or existing solicitor.

More findings based on the research will follow in subsequent posts

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