Conveyancing: Who Gives a Damn? : Certainly Not Conveyancing Solicitors and Estate Agents

Paul Hajek | 27 Oct 2009

When the Law Society launched its consultation paper “Improving Residential Conveyancing”, it was a great opportunity for members of the professions to shape the future of the home buying and selling process.

The introduction of HIPs and the evolution of eConveyancing have tweaked the Conveyancing process: High time for a thorough overhaul and revaluation of how the conveyancing of homes are bought and sold in England and Wales.

The preliminary results of the survey were issued by the Law Society yesterday.

The press release highlights many issues which will require more debate and there are many issues where a consensus already exists.

The extraordinary fact for me was that only 12 firms of Conveyancing Solicitors (my firm being one of the respondents) bothered to respond.

A further 24 individuals and 7 Local Law Societies responded as well as 11 Public and private bodies such as the Land Registry; Building Societies Association;Council of Mortgage Lenders; Direct Conveyancing Association; AHIPP and the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors.

What a damning indictment that such a small number should bother to comment on issues of great import for the future.

The other glaring omission was the lack of a response from the National Association of Estate Agents.

So, to the blast from the bleaters, when change inevitably comes: Where were you when you were needed?

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