Why Won’t My Conveyancer Give Me An App?

Paul Hajek | 3 Dec 2015



 It’s very likely that you are reading this on your smartphone.

…How do I know this?

Well, it’s been proven that over 40% of people use their smartphones to access our content – and it’s growing fast.

And this could be for a number of reasons; time, convenience, easy access, etc.

And what ultimately saves you time when using a smartphone or tablet device?

Apps, of course!

Apps can provide easy access to your favourite website content at the touch of an icon; no search engines required!

But for those of you moving home – has your Conveyancer offered you an app with some helpful advice on the home-moving process?

Probably not.

We want to make moving home as straight-forward as possible.

So we have introduced…The Clutton Cox App!

What Does it Offer?

  • Informative Blogs

    Are you puzzled about Local Authority Searches? – Why do you need one? How much does it cost? What does it include?

    Or perhaps you’re buying a flat and don’t know the first thing about leases – how are leases managed? What should you know about Ground Rent and Service Charge?

    The Conveyancing process can be mind-boggling, so it’s important that you do your research. Luckily, everything you need to know can be found in one place. Simply tap on the ‘Blog’ icon in our app for the only information you’ll ever need.

  • Clear, Visual SlidesharesSimply click on our ‘Slideshare’ icon and you can watch some slides on a variety of topics.

    Are you baffled by Conveyancing Legal jargon? We know how you feel. Check out our most popular Slideshare with over 23,000 views:  ‘What’s the Name of that Legal Thingy?’ and learn your ‘Wayleaves’ from your ‘Caveat Emptors’ while grabbing your lunch!

    Or perhaps you’re a bit stuck on what to do between exchange and completion? Let’s face it, it can be overwhelming. What you need is a simple to-do list, which you will find in our Slideshare: ‘How to Get All Your Ducks in a Row Between Exchange and Completion’.

    Moving Home= Sorted!


  • The Clutton Cox HubIf you fancy more of a pick ‘n’ mix approach, go to the ‘Hub’ icon and find a varied selection of our content to browse through at your leisure.

    So whether it’s a blog, slideshare, or even a video, the Hub gives you instant access to the full extent of the content we provide.


  • The Conveyancing CalculatorLike what you hear so far?

    You might want to get a free quotation.

    It’s easy!  Find our Conveyancing Calculator on the app and get an instant quote! No fuss, no hassle – Just a fixed fee Conveyancing quote.

    And did we mention that this app is free?

        Yes! Free for you to use whenever and wherever you like!

       So who said your Conveyancer wouldn’t give you an app?

Click below and download for free!

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