When 31,500 Ducks In A Row Trampled All Over a Poor Legal Thingy

Paul Hajek | 28 Jul 2016

Update: this blog has now been updated, and you can view it here.

We had no idea, really, no idea.

What would happen if we dipped our toes into the unexplored online world of SlideShare? Unexplored in a legal context that is.

We’d been blogging on Conveyancing, the legal process around moving home since 2008 – we were the first, actually –  but we wanted an online method to bring life to and demystify the Conveyancing Process.

So we gave SlideShare a whirl and our Conveyancing Jargon Buster “What’s the Name of That Legal Thingy” was born

Slideshare for Conveyancing

SlideShare is a great way of creating exciting presentations, infographics and helps to explain things through a visual medium.

Bit of a challenge to make it work the legal context.

But, “Legal Thingy” took off.

It was featured on SlideShare’s homepage such was its traction and views grew like billy-o.

That was back on the 21st August 2014.

Today, our original deck (in the lingua franca of these things) stood at 30,754 views.

We didn’t think we could do better.

What’s The Name of That Legal Thingy? from Clutton Cox, Solicitors

Conveyancing Ducks in a Row

We had a hunch.

Conveyancing Solicitors are well used to giving clients good news that they’ve exchanged contracts on their sale and/or purchase.

But, we had a hunch that clients may not know exactly or may have forgotten what they were supposed to do next.

Our SlideShare, “How to Get All Your Ducks In A Row Between Exchange and Completion: Your 7 Point Plan for A Stress Free Big Day”, was born.

The irony is that the overwhelming majority of people viewing are not our clients at all. They’re clients of other law firms who were not given or too embarrassed to ask about what to do next.

And, (I know,dear reader, you are ahead of me) guess what?

Our most successful moving home SlideShare is now Ducks in a Row with over 31,500 views.

And it was only published on January 9th 2015.

How To Get All Your Ducks in A Row Between Exchange and Completion from Clutton Cox, Solicitors

We’re Not Resting On Our Laurels

We’ve published SlidesShares on Chancel Repair Liability and How to Get the Best Out of Us, entitled 36 Things you Won’t Get From Another Conveyancing Firm When You Move House.

In our latest SlideShare Captain Hoot will take you a journey through the high seas of conveyancing with a step-by-step guide from contracts and enquiries through to completion day.

And you get a Conveyancing Map for good measure thrown in!

“Shiver Me Timbers – Whatever Will My Conveyancer Do Next” was published on 18th January 2016 and has reached over 11,375 views already.

Ahoy There! House Buyers Grab Yourself a Conveyancing Guide from Clutton Cox, Solicitors

When you move home we want to give you the best Conveyancing content to educate, simplify and not least make it more fun than you thought.

We hope you’ll agree.

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