What Is The Property Information Form?

Paul Hajek | 13 May 2017

When you instruct your Conveyancing Solicitor on the sale of your property you will receive a form to complete known as the Law Society Property Information Form, also known as the TA6.property information form

The Property Information Form provides detailed information for the Buyer on your property.

Welcome to Chapter 13 of our Series, your Conveyancing Questions Answered All in One PlaceProperty Information Form

Property Information Form 3rd Edition

We’re now up to the 3rd Edition (no less) which was updated and published in 2013.

The Sellers’ answers to the TA6 will be reviewed, as well as the Buyer, by the buyer’s solicitor as part of their due diligence on the property.

The Seller must take care when completing the TA6 is a form as there could be legal consequences for any misrepresentations or omissions.

What Sort of Questions are in the Property Information Form?

You can download a specimen Property Information Form from the Law Society’ website here.

To help you get a flavour for the type of questions we have pulled together a simple and straight forward Property Information Form: FAQs

How many questions are there in total?

There are 14 questions in total. The questions cover the following:

1. Boundaries
2. Disputes and Complaints
3. Notices and Proposals
4. Alterations, planning and building control
5. Guarantees and Warranties
6. Insurance
7. Environmental Matters
8. Rights and Informal Arrangements
9. Parking
10. Other Charges
11. Occupiers
12. Services
13. Connection to Utilities and Services
14. Transaction Information

What level of knowledge do I need to complete the form?

You are not expected to be an expert on legal or technical matters

What type of documents and papers do I need to provide?

You must give to your solicitor any letters, agreements or other papers which help answer the questions on the TA6.

If some documents have been lost or mislaid you may need to obtain copies at your own expense

What if I just don’t know answers to some of the questions?

That’s not a problem, you just need to answer “Don’t Know”

What if I don’t understand some questions?

Again, not a problem but you must speak with your Conveyancing Solicitor who will be happy to help.

What if I remember something or become aware of information which would alter a previous reply?

It is very important your replies are accurate, but if you remember or become aware of something you must inform your solicitor immediately.

What if I have arrangements with my neighbours, do I need to cancel them?

It is important that you do not alter any arrangements you have with anyone, for example, your neighbours or any tenants of the property without speaking with your Solicitors first.

What Planning documentation do I need to include?

You will need to provide all relevant approvals and supporting paperwork such as planning permissions, Building Regulation consents and completion certificates.

What type of guarantees and warranties will I need to include?

All available guarantees and warranties is the easy and short answer. These will include:

– NHBC (if property has been built in the last 10 years)
– Damp Proofing
– Timber treatment
– Windows, roof lights, roof windows or glazed doors
– Electrical work
– Roofing
– Cental Heating
– Underpinning

You should also give details of any claims under the guarantees and warranties made by you, or if known, a former owner of the property.

Are there any new questions which were not in the previous edition?

Yes, three new entrants include questions on Japanese Knotweed, Solar Panels and Flood Risk.

Question 7.8 asks:

Is the Property Affected by Japanese Knotweed? Yes: No; Unknown

If yes, please state whether there is a Japanese Knotweed management plan in place and please supply a copy.

If you are buying your dream home you will want to know about any Japanese Knotweed problems.

The roots of the Japanese Knotweed literally cut through everything in their path – the whole caboodle; paving, tarmac, walls and foundations.

 We will return to Japanese Knotweed later in this series.

Solar Panels

Question 4.6 asks

Have solar panels been installed

If yes:
a. In what year were the solar panels installed?
b. Are the solar panels owned outright?
c. Has a long lease of the roof/air space been granted to a solar panel provider?. If yes, please supply copies of the relevant documents.

Solar panels with long leases can pose an unintended problem when you     sell you home. You can read more about it in on of other posts here.


Question 7 deals with Flooding.

There is an important head note in the question which states that the property does not have to be near a river or sea for flooding to occur.

The head note recommends you visit  www.defra.gov.uk for more information.

Question 7.1 asks:

Has any part of the property (whether buildings or surrounding garden or land) ever been flooded?

If yes, please state when the flooding occurred and identify the parts that flooded

Question 7.2 expands and asks what type of flooding has occurred. We have put the questions in italics and have added some examples to help you

 What type of flooding may have occurred:

– Ground water (i.e. when heavy rainfall overwhelms the drainage capacity of an area)
– Sewer flooding (i.e. sewers are overwhelmed by heavy rainfall or when they become blocked) 
– Surface water (i.e. when underground water levels rise above surface level. This is most likely to occur in low lying areas underlain by permeable rocks)
– Coastal flooding (i.e.which results from a combination of high tides, low lying land and, sometimes, stormy conditions)
– River flooding occurs when a watercourse cannot cope with the water draining into it from the surrounding land
– Other flooding e.g a cellar flooding due to faulty pump

Finally, Question 7.3 enquiries whether a Flood Risk Report has been prepared. Further infomation about the types of flooding and Flood Risk Reports can be found here.

Has a Flood Risk Report been prepared. If yes, please supply a copy

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