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null | 19 Nov 2015

Buying or selling your home can be a stressful transaction- as Conveyancing Solicitors, we should know. So you need advice that you can really count on.

You can find a lot of help on the Internet; but who’s worth listening to?

We like to think that we produce some great blogs and other useful content to help you at the various stages of your move; whether you’re preparing your house for selling or organising yourself between exchange and completion.

But we aren’t the only ones here to help you along.

On our travels we came across some truly excellent estate agent websites that follow our mantra to a ‘T’:

“Clients ask, we answer.”

We’ve collated our top 4 independent estate agent websites that we believe are worth their weight in gold. We would like to add to this list over time.

JD Gallagher Estate Agents: Lancaster, Morcambe and surrounding areas.

JDG estate agents bring a sense of fun and vibrancy to their website. Their site is clear, easy to navigate and friendly in tone. We also love the cartoon characters representing each member of their team; it makes their online presence fun, colourful and eye-catching.

Michelle Wilden, Senior Branch Valuer and Director writes blogs regularly on the subject of buying and selling homes. The topics range from home improvement to top tips on what to look out for in a new home.

Michelle writes with a conversational, witty flare and sometimes bases her blogs on hot-topics in the media such as the X-Factor and The Great British Bake-Off. Who would have thought baking the perfect cake could relate to prepping your home for sale?

Here are a few tasters of some of the stuff she writes:

Create that Show House Look! – Useful tips on how to get your property looking its best for selling.

The Day I made a Client Cry – A heart-wrenching true story about Michelle’s quest to help an elderly couple with their home search.

What do Estate Agents look for when carrying out an appraisal of your home? – A great guide on how to impress your estate agent and get the best possible price for your property.

Howce Estate Agents: Bristol and Bath.

Howce Estate Agents boast a professional, yet clear and interactive website. The design is very user-friendly, even on your mobile. Their blogs tend to specialise in buying and selling in Bristol and Bath, however, a lot of their tips can relate to anyone moving home anywhere.

Howce Managing Director, Atif Javid writes regular blogs for the website and looks at a variety of issues, such as; the best time to put your house on the market, how to go about finding the right estate agent and how to take the best pictures of your property for optimum selling.

For clear, straight-to-the-point moving advice, the Howce blogs could be for you. Here are their top three most popular blogs:

When’s the Best Time of the Year to Sell Property in Bristol or Bath? – Outlines the specific times best for selling within the Bristol and Bath area. There are various factors to consider.

How to Spot the right Estate Agent in Bristol or Bath to Sell your Property For you.– Offers key tips and advice as to what to look out for in an estate agent to ensure a stress-free move.

Top 6 Questions your Estate Agent in Bristol or Bath should be asking you.– For the best possible chance at selling your property, your estate agent should ask you the right questions to get a good idea of your house and its various assets. Find out what they should be asking you.

PDQ Estate Agents: Cornwall.

With a picturesque seaside slide show as the website’s backdrop, the PDQ website certainly makes you want to ‘up sticks’ and live by the sea! With a clear, bold layout, it’s an easy website to navigate with property listings on its homepage to entice you immediately.

The website confidently presents clear statistics for their company, proving that they are the best performing estate agents in their area. It is clear that they know what they’re talking about as they provide useful links about the local area and local data. The proof is in the pudding; they were rated as one of the UK’s top ten small estate agents by ‘The Telegraph’ in January 2013.

Chris Wood, PDQ Company Director writes blogs for the website that aim to answer frequent customer questions and provide clear answers. Here are their top three blogs:

 My House Isn’t Selling, Should I Change Estate Agents? – Find out the various contributing factors as to why your property isn’t selling before jumping to conclusions.

Why Can’t I Keep My House Marked As ‘For Sale’? – It can be frustrating when you want to keep your house on the market as ‘for sale’ while it is under offer, but here are some clear reasons as to why you can’t…

Gazumped! – What is gazumping? Why does is happen? Where do you stand?

Gibbs Gillespie Estate Agents: Middlesex, Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire.

Gibbs Gillespie show off a rather chic, smart and professional looking website. Options are clearly set out with various icons as you scroll down- you can even talk to an expert live online.

Their website is chock-full with content, which perhaps explains why they are a multi-award winning company- no less. This year for example, they won the UK Property Awards Real Estate for Best Estate Agency Marketing.

We are rather impressed with their Just Listed magazine which not only advertises their property listings, but also has sections for celebrity, lifestyle, home and fashion; you’re more likely to keep it on your coffee table for a little while longer than a regular estate agent’s paper!

Gain access to their latest digital issue here.

You can also subscribe to their monthly newsletter which contains some interesting articles and tips.

If you are an Estate Agent and would like your website reviewed and listed in this post, then pop us an email: tess[@]

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