New Poll: The Truth About Post Brexit Housing Market

Paul Hajek | 3 Aug 2016


Post Brexit Housing Market PollPlease note: the poll has now closed. For results, please click here.

If you are an Estate Agent, we’d love to know what your current thinking is on Brexit and how it is affecting the Housing Market in your area.

Homebuyers and Sellers around the country are receiving mixed messages on the state of the market.

Certainly, our clients are confused and uncertain as to whether they should twist, stick or bust when dealing with their property ambitions.

Why we are doing The Post Brexit Poll

We’re avoiding the sensationalist headlines of certain newspapers, and coming to you directly for your expert knowledge. We want to know what you think Brexit’s impact has had so far and what may lie ahead.

If you think other Estate Agents you know would like to lend their opinion do, please, forward the link to them.

We will use the answers to the questions in a blog on the Clutton Cox website later in the month.

Your responses will remain private

So, could you spare five minutes of your time to answer a few questions on Brexit and its impact?

The Deadline date for your submissions to the Poll is Noon on Friday 19th August 2016.

All responses in this survey will remain private and not shared with other Estate Agents and the results will only be used for the purposes of this research. Any data collected will be treated with full confidentiality. Should you choose to, you can withdraw your results from the research at any point.

I would like to thank you in advance for your assistance in this research process.         

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