Most Popular Conveyancing Blogs of 2015: Part 2

Paul Hajek | 31 Dec 2015



Last week we began our countdown of our most popular blogs of 2015! If you missed it, you can find Part 1 here.

So without further ado – you’ve New Year’s Eve to deal with after all, it’s finally time to find out which blogs made the top 5!


  1. Chancel Repair has cropped up again in this list! In this blog post, access our very popular slideshare with over 15,000 views and get your questions answered!

Chancel Repair Liability: 21 Things You Need to Know.


  1.  It’s the question on many a disappointed homebuyer’s lips. Failing to complete on your dream home can be a real life Conveyancing nightmare. Find out what will happen next and what you can do.

What Happens If You Fail To Complete On Your Dream Home?


  1. We answer one of our most frequently asked questions in this blog. Many factors can affect how long it can take; whether you’re just selling, buying and selling, if you’re in a chain, etc. Find out where you stand.

 How Long Does It Really Take To Move House?

     2.   There’s so much to be done between exchange and completion – but where do you   begin? In this blog we provide a simple to-do list along with our popular slideshare ‘How to Get all your Ducks in a Row Between Exchange and Completion’ with over 13,000   views! No wonder it’s made it in at number 2!

Getting Ready For Completion Day: Things to do, People to Call.

  1. And in first place we have… Local Searches! Chock-full of all the information you need to know, it’s no surprise that this blog made it in at number 1! Find out why you need a local search, when it will be commissioned, how long it will take and how much it costs, plus loads more; some quality reading.

What Will A Local Search Unlock In Your Dream Home?

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Happy New Year.

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