Most Popular Conveyancing Blogs of 2015: Part 1

Paul Hajek | 24 Dec 2015



It’s been another content-rich year for us here at Clutton Cox Towers.Top 10 Conveyancing Blogs

We updated our website so that it’s more user-friendly on phone and tablet.

We’re also very ‘appy with our new app and our Helpful Guides to Moving Home in Slideshare have been viewed over 70,000 times.

Following our tradition of recent years, we again continue with our Top of the Blogs Christmas and New Year Countdown.

We reveal No 10 down to 6 of our most viewed in this post and complete the countdown next week leading up to our most read post of 2015 – and it is a bit of a surprise!

*Clears Throat*

And at…

10) Chancel Repair Liability: Still A Game Of Snakes and Ladders?

Chancel Repair Liability is still being debated by the Government, so it’s difficult to know where you stand. Claim your free download of our Chancel Repair infographic PDF to get a better idea of what exactly is going on.


9) How Many Conveyancing Solicitors Are There In Chipping Sodbury?

We have a challenge for you: Type in ‘Conveyancing in Chipping Sodbury’ and we reckon that you’ll find us at the top of Google’s results page. Go ahead, give it a go!


8) Hot Conveyancing Issues: Solar Panels.

For all you eco-warriors; find out the drawbacks of installing solar panels before you make the commitment.


7) New House, No Survey: A Gigantic Mistake?

We debunk some myths and explain why refusing to carry out a survey on your new home could be your biggest regret.


6) Buying a Holiday Home: Can it ever be a Primary Residence?

This is a useful read for anyone who owns a holiday home thinking they may be able to live there permanently. It depends…

The final countdown will be published on 31st December – Stay tuned.

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