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Paul Hajek | 28 May 2017

We are all different when it comes to choosing the best way to learn and understand.

In the old Conveyancing days, there was only the written word.

Conveyancing Deeds were hand written and then when technology took over deeds could be typed and then word processed.

We’ve moved on considerably.

In our attempts to demystify the Conveyancing process we have produced content which is spoken, written, and visual.

Welcome to Chapter 28 of our Series, your Conveyancing Questions Answered All in One Place.

Conveyancing in Social Media.

Conveyancing Blogs

When I was the first Solicitor to write on the subject of Conveyancing back in 2008, I was working on a hunch.

My own habits for researching products and services were moving increasingly online.

I felt that the internet would be no different for legal services and in particular Conveyancing.

Fast forward to 2017 and the Internet has democratised the way clients and prospects can find out about the whole Conveyancing process around buying and selling a home: What you need to know, what to do next, which Conveyancer to choose.

I have personally written hundreds and hundreds of posts on all aspects of Conveyancing.

Each year we produce a Top of the Pops style Top Ten Conveyancing Blog Posts of the Year. You can view the Top Ten from 2016 here.

Conveyancing Slideshares

When we felt we had a good body of written work we branched out into a more visible medium.

For us, this was Slideshare.

We’ve been able to condense in jargon-free language, information split up into short points and colourful images and diagrams so you can understand the Conveyancing process and other aspects surrounding it.

We started with ‘What’s The Name Of That Legal Thingy?: An A-Z Guide Through The Jargon of Conveyancing.’

We tackled all those awkward words such as ‘caveat emptor’ and ‘wayleave’ by explaining them in Plain English, so you’ll know exactly what your conveyancer is talking about.

What’s The Name of That Legal Thingy? from Clutton Cox

Our most popular Slideshare by a long way is  ‘How To Get All Your Ducks In A Row Between Exchange And Completion’.

We normally advise that you avoid exchanging and completing on the same day because there are a lot of things to organise before you move.

This Slideshare offers a quick and simple checklist to ensure you cover everything before the ‘Big Day’.

How To Get All Your Ducks in A Row Between Exchange and Completion from Clutton Co

Chancel Repair Liability is an archaic law dating back to King Henry VIII’s reign. In 1536, Henry essentially privatised the monasteries, creating a new breed of owners: Lay Rectors. Nowadays, Chancel Repair Liability still exists, and the cost of the upkeep of local medieval churches can be a massive shock to modern-day ‘lay rectors’. It’s important to know what’s going on now with Chancel Repair, which is why we made this Slideshare with a really useful infographic in slide 9 to check whether you can escape Chancel Repair Liability costs.

Where Exactly Are We With Chancel Repair Liability? from Clutton Cox

Our most recent Slideshare has been extremely successful in only a few short weeks! ‘Shiver Me Timbers, Whatever Will My Conveyancer Do Next?’ has already received 3000 views! Follow Captain Hoot on a journey through the high seas of Conveyancing; with a step-by-step guide, navigate your way from Contracts and Enquiries, all the way through to Completion Day!

Ahoy There! House Buyers Grab Yourself a Conveyancing Guide from Clutton Cox

We’ve also put our compulsory Complaints Procedure in to a Slideshare:

36 Things You Won’t Get From Another Conveyancing Law Firm When You Move House from Clutton Cox, Solicitors

And, if you would like to see what clients thought of our services we’ve put that into a Slideshare as well.

How we’ve helped others with Conveyancing – in their own words from Clutton Cox, Solicitors

Conveyancing Infographics

Infographics give a snapshot of sometimes complicated ideas or processes.

We’ve put together a Chancel Repair Liability Infographic. It’s in the form of a game of snakes and ladders.

Conveyancing Videos

We have a separate YouTube channel where we have put together a whole series of different type of videos detailing the home buying process and Conveyancing.

We also have a Conveyancing cartoon on our Wistia channel.

For all our latest great Conveyancing content visit our information hub here.

Conveyancing and Twitter

We were early adopters of Twitter.

We have a couple of accounts. My personal account: @paulhajek.

And our business account: @cluttoncoxlegal.

Do please connect with us. We can’t promise but we do try to educate inform and entertain you – and not always in that order.

Conveyancing and Facebook

We’ll keep you updated on our Facebook page and we’ll share our latest content.

We’ll also post photos on our Instagram page from time to time, too.

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