The demise of the C&G-the good guys lose out.

Paul Hajek | 17 Jun 2009
It came as a great shock and with considerable disappointment to learn of the demise of the the Cheltenham & Gloucester, part of the Lloyds Banking Group C&G.

As a Conveyancing Solicitor, I found them to be the epitome of a well run mortgage business.

In the days before the Financial Services Authority introduced tick boxing as a regulatory framework, I as a “man of affairs” was able to recommend mortgages to my clients. My stock advice was to cut through the hype of the so called cheapest and best product tables (no doubt full of praise for Northern Rock and IceBank!) and rely upon the speed and efficiency of the C&G.

The C&G was deliberately not the cheapest, but in a Conveyancing process fraught with potential stress, the knowledge that your mortgage would not hold up the Conveyancing chain was an under estimated benefit. Additionally, where problems were encountered, the solutions were found in unfussy and a matter of fact manner.

My thanks to the staff of the C&G for making my job a lot easier over the years.

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