Mortgages: the Good Guys are Back and Cooking on Gas!

Paul Hajek | 26 Aug 2009

The demise of the Cheltenham & Gloucester C&G , it would appear has been greatly exaggerated.

On the news of the decision to close the network of C&G offices in June spurred me into eulogising in a post at the loss of the good guys in the mortgage market in England and Wales.

As a Conveyancing Solicitor, working in the hotbed atmosphere of the Conveyancing Market (not that long ago!), it was reassuring to know that when a client said they were getting a mortgage from the C&G it would arrive without the need to chase it and in reasonable time.

It was therefore pleasing to read that the Lloyds Banking Group has had a change of mind in getting rid of the brand

A statement from Lloyds Bank said that the closures of the C&G branches would not now happen in November.

It would seem that where The Lloyds Banking Group has the opportunity to stand back and look afresh at its strategy, it is not too big to admit a mistake.

It can only be conjectured, as to how much the Lloyds Banking Group, would have liked in similar circumstances to review its merger with HBOS


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