How big does small print in a consumer contract have to be?

Paul Hajek | 14 Jul 2009

You are always exhorted, urged, nagged even to read the small print before signing anything legal.

In yesterday’s blog, I reported an important case which involved, specifically, what terms in a contract between a Landlord and a Letting Agent could be deemed to be unfair where the terms involved renewal commission.

The judge concluded that in order to be fair the main thrust of the agreement must be in “clear and intelligible” language and not buried away in the small print of the contract.

So how small is small print in the judge’s opinion? Well, he considered 7 or 8 point non serif font to be too small.

You have been warned. If your consumer contracts are not at least 9-10 point, you run the risk of falling into the realms of small print and your contracts potentially unfair.!

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