Most Popular Conveyancing Blogs of 2016

null | 31 Dec 2016

2016 has come and gone, but we’ve been more content-rich than ever here at the HOOT HQ.

We published our new online conveyancing and property lifestyle magazine, The HOOT.

We introduced our monthly newsletter back in August (sign up for free at the bottom).

We’ve brought Captain Hoot to life in his conveyancing journey.

We’ve opened a new branch in Thornbury.

We even produced a whopping conveyancing quiz (with prize!)

And to top it all off, our SlideShare, “How To Get All Your Ducks in A Row Between Exchange and Completion“, has now exceeded 52,000 views, which we are pleasantly surprised about!

Following our tradition of recent years, we again continue with our Top of the Blogs Christmas and New Year Countdown.

We reveal No. 10 down to 1 of our most viewed in this post.

*Clears Throat*

10. Hot Conveyancing Issues: Solar Panels

Moving down 2 places – For all you eco-warriors; find out the drawbacks of installing solar panels before you make the commitment.

9. Local Authority Searches: The Lowdown

A new entry (although not a new blog), we give you, well, a lowdown on Local Authority Searches!

8. Conveyancing in Bristol : Rentcharge Trap That Could Cost You Thousands

Another new entry, we explain what a rentcharge is, and the potential pitfalls of the rentcharge trap.

7. Chancel Repair Liability Absolutely All In One Place

Last years winner now down 6 places. But do not fear! We’ve very recently completely revamped the blog and we’ve made it more comprehensive than ever! Want to know about everything you could possibly know about Chancel Repair Liability? Click above!

6. Buying a Holiday Home: Can it ever be a Primary Residence?

A non-mover from last year’s list. This is a useful read for anyone who owns a holiday home thinking they may be able to live there permanently. It depends.

5. New House, No Survey: A Gigantic Mistake?

Up 2 places, we debunk some myths and explain why refusing to carry out a survey on your new home could be your biggest regret.

4. Conveyancing Nightmares: What Happens If You Fail To Complete On Your Dream Home?

A new entry this year. You may see the purchase of your house as a dream. But, if after you exchange contracts you fail to complete your purchase on the agreed completion date, that dream could turn into a nightmare.

3. What Will A Local Search Unlock In Your New Dream Home?

A non-mover. What are ‘local searches’? We explain all.

2. Conveyancing: How Long Does It Really Take To Move House?

Up 2 places. The most popular question clients ask! Find out our answer.

1. Getting Ready For Completion Day: Things To Do, People To Call.

Sailing ahead in 1st place – your 7 point plan for a stress free big day.

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