Finding a Conveyancing Solicitor: Where Do You Start?

Paul Hajek | 9 Jul 2010

Back in the day, (up until 1985) Conveyancing was carried out by Conveyancing Solicitors, either practicing on their own or within a larger firm of Solicitors.

In those days, you were more likely to find your Conveyancing Solicitor on the “High Street” next to or above an Estate Agent.

These days there is a much wider choice of Conveyancing Lawyers.

Since 1985 a new breed of professional able to carry out Conveyancing was created; the Licensed Conveyancer.

More recently, Estate Agents and more branded names have entered the Conveyancing Market, with the likes of Tesco, Halifax and the Co-op offering Conveyancing Services either “white labelled” or through referrals with firms of Conveyancing Solicitors or Licensed Conveyancers.

Since you are reading this on a computer, it will not be unexpected, that more and more people are using the internet to pre select and do research on their Conveyancing Solicitor or lawyer.

A good place to start is at your computer by typing in the keyword “Conveyancing” followed by your local area e.g. “Conveyancing in Bristol”

Make sure especially if you have not used the Conveyancing law firm before, to type in the word complaint after the name of the law firm.

Feedback and testimonials will give you a good picture of what the firm is actually like, and if there is a trend of complaints; well tread carefully and weigh up the risks.

Here is what Clutton Cox’s clients think about how we have helped them.

A large proportion of Conveyancers, both Solicitors and Licensed Conveyancers advertise with on and off line directories, such as Yellow Pages or, so are easy to get hold of.

Some Conveyancers advertise in local newspapers and magazines, or rely on Pay Per Click Advertising through Google, Bing or Yahoo and other Search Engines. This firm, Clutton Cox used to advertise in the local cinema.

Yet, the vast majority of people still choose their Conveyancing Solicitor or lawyer by word of mouth and recommendation.

How refreshing is that? 




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