Estate Agents and Buyers:Take the Bad Breath Challenge!

Paul Hajek | 16 Oct 2012

bad breath challengeI’m fascinated by the mechanics of buying and selling a house.

House purchases have not returned to the heady days pre recession in 2007.

We know of course there are structural problems with reduced lending and the general state of the economy. But could there be other factors holding back the housing market.

When we had our in house Estate Agency at Clutton Cox we were fascinated by potential buyers of a house or flat who were seemingly struck by  “decision making disorders”

A house may have been perfect in every sense but there was something not quite right.

Now with your help we have put together a quick and highly unscientific survey to find out some of the taboos, that may yet still be putting people off buying a property.

Six simple questions to answer: Are you up for the

…….. Clutton Cox Bad Breath Challenge?



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Paul Hajek

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