HIPs get a HIP, but not quite a HIP HIP Hooray

Paul Hajek | 6 Oct 2009

The timing of the release of the results, this week, of an Ipsos MORI poll, commissioned by the Association of Home Pack Providers (AHIPP) with the Conservative Party Conference, may be coincidental.

The fact that AHIPP is also exhibiting at the Tory Conference is not.

The Poll results may give some encouragement to pro HIP reformers, that the hostility against HIPs shown by Grant Schapps the Tory Shadow Housing minister may abate somewhat.

AHIPP will certainly be lobbying hard , this week in Manchester at the Conservative Party Conference, against their abolition

Last week’s Labour conference was peppered with “committments” to bring in this and abolish that.

It will be intersting to see whether a Conservative government, if it is elected, will categorically state that it will abolish HIPs or just remain “committed ” to abolishing HIPs. There is a huge difference!

A summary of the Poll has been posted to my ActionMove Home Information Pack website



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