HIP to RIP in 100 Days

Paul Hajek | 10 Dec 2009

The beleaguered Home Information Pack (HIP) was in the Conservative cross-hairs once again last week.

Grant Schapps the Conservative Shadow Housing Minister commented at an industry conference last week, that if the Conservatives were elected at the next election that HIPs would be abolished within 100 days.

The Tories alone seem to be raging amongst themselves in the debate about the future of HIPs. None of the other political parties is expressing much interest. The public also appear to be largely disinterested.

Are we witnessing, nevertheless the tone of the conservative ire being diluted?

It was only a few weeks ago that one of the first thing the Conservatives would do would be to abolish HIPs. This now will apparently take 100 days. Why so long you might ask? Other than a juicy sound bite perhaps.

The reason for the pledge to abolish HIPs is that the Conservatives believe that HIPs are restricting the supply of homes coming onto the market. This may be the case in some instances but it is difficult to obtain true evidence.

What is not given much attention is the number of time wasters who are always prevalent in any housing market. This group may well have been discouraged by having to have in place and pay for a HIP before marketing their property for sale.

The ploy of the 100 days may give the Conservatives, if they win the next election, enough wiggle room to stay the execution of HIPs, and instead announce a thorough review.

This would be sensible and welcome. HIPs are not without defects, but simply eradicating them would be a backward step. There is momentum for reform and further improvement and this should be encouraged.

So for the next 8 months or so, Hips will be compulsory before you are able to market your property for sale in England and Wales. The cost varies from around £225 to £400 plus VAT

If you would like advice on HIPs and how to order one please contact us by phone, email or do so online at www.cluttoncox.co.uk

A version of this post first appeared on my site at www.actionmove.co.uk

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