Conveyancing:Frequently Asked Questions

Paul Hajek | 17 Mar 2011

Day 17: Everything You Need To Know About Buying and Selling a House or a Flat in 31 Daily Bite-Sized Chunks -“Conveyancing:Frequently Asked Questions”

You have sold your house or you have just found the house you were looking for and for the purposes of argument you have instructed the non fictitious Conveyancing Law firm CLUTTON COX – What happens next? 
Here is a list of commonly asked questions and some helpful answers

Q What will my Conveyancing solicitors want from me to kick everything off

A. We will ask for some information from you, about you and your property, to get matters started. At regular intervals we will then report to you in writing or email at each stage of the transaction.

Q. Will I need to make an appointment to come to the office?

A. We are able to deal with everything through the post, fax, e-mail or by telephone. Money laundering legislation will require us to produce some identification from you and make further on line checks. If you are local feel free to pop in and see us.

Q. When will I have to pay you some money?

A. Where you are purchasing, we ask for £250 on account to cover the initial search fees. This will be held in our client account separately from the Firm’s own money, subject to our right to transfer and use the same in payment of our legal fees and expenses. Our Money Laundering risk management procedures mean we cannot accept cash in excess of £300

Q. Will I have to pay a deposit and if so, when will it be needed?

A. Yes, if you are just buying a property. We will tell you when we need it–it should be a Bankers Draft or a Building Society cheque made payable to ‘Clutton Cox’. We do NOT accept personal cheques because of delays. If you are buying and selling, we do not usually require any additional money.

Q. Who will let my new Building Society/Bank know when the new mortgage funds will be required?

A. We will advise them of the date. We ask for the monies where possible to arrive the day before completion to avoid any delays on your moving day.

Q. How soon can I receive any money due to me?

A. We will post any balance in your favour to your new address within seven days. We can also ‘Telegraph’ monies directly to your Bank Account for an additional fee

Q. What time do I have to leave my property and what do I do with the keys?

A. The contract normally states 1pm. Please leave your keys with your Estate Agents, who will release them to your buyer when we have called them to say the money has been received.

Q. When can I get the keys for my new property?

A. Usually after lunch on the day of completion. There can sometimes be a delay where a chain is involved. We must wait for money to be received before sending your money.

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