Conveyancing Fees: Get a Fixed Fee Quotation. Always!

Paul Hajek | 10 Mar 2011

Always agree a fixed fee with your conveyancing soliciotorDay 10: Everything You Need To Know About Buying and Selling a House or a Flat in 31 Daily Bite-Sized Chunks


Welcome to Day 10 of our special series  of blog posts running every day in March – “Always get a fixed fee quotation for your conveyancing fees”:  


When you are working out your budget for your home move, there is no need to worry about cost overruns when you know you have agreed a fixed fee with your Conveyancing solicitors.

You, let alone your Conveyancing Solicitor, will have no idea how long or how complicated your Conveyancing transaction will be.

You may be happy to just agree an estimate or a minimum or maximum range. There really is no need.

The Ministry of Justice conducted research last year into Conveyancing fees.

31 per cent of people who moved home in the last three years obtained an estimate of their legal fees from their Conveyancing Solicitor.

61 per cent were able to obtain fixed fee quotations; whilst 4 per cent walked the tightrope of hourly billing (how long exactly is that piece of string?)

A final 4 percent did not bother or were unconcerned enough to get a Conveyancing Fee or Estimate before proceeding.

It may be a surprise that 3 out of 10 people were willing to accept a Conveyancing Estimate. There really is no need, when there are so many Conveyancing firms who offer a fixed fee.

At Clutton Cox for example you can use our Conveyancing Calculator to get all the figures involved including Stamp Duty and the other third party payments.

And better than that, the Conveyancing Fees are covered by a guaranteed fixed fee with no hidden extras.

Where we have no idea of what may be involved in a Conveyancing transaction we have a menu of fixed fees for every conceivable event.

The client will only pay if it happens, if it doesn’t happen you don’t pay the fee. And if something happens which is not covered by our menu of prices, then you still don’t pay anything.

In all our years of experience in Conveyancing, we have found that reassurance that there will be no nasty bill shocks at the end of a Conveyancing transaction, is one of the best benefits we have to offer our clients

So, it’s an easy decision to make why accept an estimate when you can have the comfort and piece of mind of a fixed fee guarantee

Be sure to sign up for a chance to have your Conveyancing carried out by Clutton Cox, free of charge. 


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