All You Need to Sell or Buy a House in 31 Daily Bite-Sized Chunks

Paul Hajek | 28 Feb 2011

photo ofhouses in castle combe wiltshireYou have been dreaming since the big freeze of either selling or buying a house. Bit cold and miserable to get motivated; perhaps the garden not looking its best or bits of DIY still unanswered?

Those negative thoughts tend to evaporate with the onset of spring.

The Spring Housing Market is almost upon us, a traditional time for selling and buying.

Well, every day throughout the month of March, we will be giving you advice on everything you need to know about buying and selling a house in England and Wales-in 31 daily bite-sized chunks.

For those of you looking to sell or buy in the spring, why not get yourself geared up and up to speed with our “Everything you need to know about how to sell or buy a house in England and Wales in our 31 Daily Bite-Sized Chunks” guide.

Each week, each daily bite-sized chunk will build in to (as they say in the TV ads) a valuable guide to buying and selling a house in England and Wales.

And please forgive me for using the term house, but it is easier to use than references to flats or apartments. But we will include specific references to buying or selling leasehold flats.

We will give you all our experience as Conveyancing Solicitors and from our days as one of the very few legal firms in England and Wales who were also Estate Agents.

We’ll take from what is the state of the housing market at the moment, getting your property ready for sale, how to choose your experts to help you such as Estate Agents Conveyancing Solicitors Mortgage Advisers and Surveyors right through to what to do with your deeds once the property has been purchased and registered at the Land Registry.

Obviously, there will be a Conveyancing bias in the Guide, but there will be something in it for you.

And as suitable recompense for one lucky person who takes our 31 daily bite-sized guide we will offer free Conveyancing ( you just pay the third party fees such as stamp duty, land registry fees, search fees) if you decide to buy or sell before the end of June: a not insignificant prize worth up to £1500.

But just so as you know and without wishing to step on the toes of your very own Conveyancing Solicitor, (and for that matter your Estate Agent, Mortgage Adviser and Surveyor) if there is any thing upon which you require specific legal advice, please do consult your own Conveyancing Solicitor

So if we have whetted your appetite be sure to join us on 1st March.

Until then…. 


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