5 Top Tips When Choosing Your HIP

Paul Hajek | 24 Nov 2008


When you decide to put your property on the market for sale in England and Wales, you must now have in place or have ordered a Home Information Pack (HIP). Here is some guidance on what you should be considering before commissioning the HIP from you Estate Agent.

1 INSIST that a full hard copy of the Home Information Pack (HIP) is included in the cost.

This Hard Copy can be sent to the Buyer’s Solicitors immediately you have accepted an offer for your Property. This will speed up the Conveyancing process and reduce the time it takes to reach an exchange of contracts on your Property.

2 ENSURE that an official search of the Local Authority records is commissioned directly with the Council and not a Personal Search Agent.

This will avoid duplication, additional cost for you Buyer and speed up the time within which contracts are exchanged on your property.

3 CONTACT your Solicitor straight away. Do not put this off until you actually agree a sale of your Property.

There may be further information required to complete the Home Information Pack, e.g. where your Property is Leasehold or has not been registered at the Land Registry. This is complicated and requires specialist knowledge.

4 DON’T WORRY about being charged legal fees before you have found a Buyer for your Property. Your Solicitor should not charge for this.

This will give you added peace of mind; if your Solicitor will not agree, find a Solicitor that will.

5 INSTRUCT a local HIP provider to prepare the Home Information Pack for you.

There is simply no substitute for local knowledge. Don’t put your trust in someone who doesn’t know where you live

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