15 Hot Top Tips for a Happy House Move

Paul Hajek | 29 Apr 2010

If you are thinking of moving home after the faux excitement of the general election is out of the way, here is a free download entitled 15 Hot Tips for a Happy House Move from the Clutton Cox Conveyancing section of our website.

The new Clutton Cox home page has been revamped to make it more interesting and interactive.

You can still avail your self of ourWorld Cup promotion and have your legal fees refunded if England win the World Cup in South Africa in the summer (see website for further details and terms and conditions as they say)

You can now also download a full Conveyancing quotation giving a complete guide to budgeting for your home move

You can view our video testimonial section and hear what our clients think of us.

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Twitter allows you to contact me directly and have your say about how you found our service on Conveyancing, Wills or Probate. Feel free to have a conversation with us on all things legal and how we can keep improving and keep helping you

If you have not had an opportunity to view our cartoon on why you should make a Will you can do so here. It only takes just over a minute to view.

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