Who are the Best Conveyancers in Bristol?

Paul Hajek | 2 Aug 2013


5 star conveyancingWhere can you find the social proof of who are the best Conveyancers in Bristol?

A simple question but not easily answered. Word of mouth from relatives and friends used to be the tried and trusted route or a recommendation from an Estate Agent maybe?

People looking for conveyancing will have different notions of what denotes best.

It is likely that a whole combination of factors will be involved including best value for money (but please not cheapest), geographic attractiveness; technical advancement; innovation: membership of conveyancing quality scheme; “bed-side manner” i.e. simply how you are greeted on the phone or in person.

It got me thinking: how would I go about choosing the best conveyancing firm in Bristol.

Power of Testimonials in the Internet Age

I asked myself that question when I was looking to book our summer holiday this week.

In these increasingly internet dominated days, we like to seek social proof from others who, have been there and done it, before making so many of our decisions.

Trip Advisor is often the first port of call when planning a short break or a holiday. What do others say about your hotel, ship, resort or holiday company of choice?

It all helps to affirm or in the worst case cast aside your choice

How to Choose the Best Conveyancing Solicitors in Bristol?

If you can use the social proof of someone trusted in you social circles that should still be your starting point. But, social proof exists online and more and more people are keen to provide examples of their own experiences – good or less so.

Independent Estate Agents will give you recommendations of the best conveyancing solicitors they have worked with over the years. A word of caution though, this route has been clouded by the many corporate Estate Agents being forced to push conveyancing to their sister companies and Estate Agents being paid by some Solicitors for referrals.

There is no “Conveyancing Advisor” website to compare with Trip Advisor (yet?) so do a Google search for “conveyancing solicitors in Bristol”

You can’t readily describe “quality” on a website but you can certainly sense it.

Take a look around their websites to get the “look and feel” of the law firm.

Does the law firm have a specific section for testimonials from satisfied conveyancing clients?

What Questions Should I Ask Myself about a Conveyancing Firm?

Try these questions for size to begin with

  • How much content is there on conveyancing?
  • Are there questions I want answers to that are already posted on the website?
  • List 3 or 4 key questions you need answers to and search the website.
  • Look for testimonials from satisfied clients of Conveyancers who have been willing to provide feedback on the service they received from that particular conveyancing firm.
  • Are they part of the “Conveyancing Quality Scheme?”

If you would like a comprehensive list of questions to ask your Conveyancing Solicitors before you instruct them click here

Google’s Testimonial Stars

You may have noticed that Google has for a while been quoting recommendations along side search results.

Google’s (and other search engines) existence is bound by how relevant their search results are to given search enquiries.

Google quite naturally is looking for the most relevant answers to search enquires and now seeks to promote websites which have in turn been recommended by others –social proof.

You will now see some 1 to 5 yellow stars next to websites who have been recommended by clients.

5 Star Conveyancing in Bristol

We couldn’t pass up the chance to give you the opportunity to see for yourself.

If the suspense has proved too much click here for an example of a 5 Star Conveyancing firm in Bristol.

And by the way, I’m very excited about the holiday we’ve booked as the reviews were fantastic

Paul Hajek

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