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Paul Hajek | 10 Dec 2015



Wouldn’t it be great if all the information you needed could be found in one place to read at your leisure?

It would be even better if you could browse on your smartphone, tablet or desktop, right?

That’s where our E-Books come into play.

So far we have created two very popular E-Books on the house-buying and Conveyancing process.

Everything You Need To now About Buying and Selling Your Home – In 26 Bite-Sized Chunks.

Pretty much what it says on the tin: what you need to know about moving home in 26 easily digestible chunks!

We published this E-Book back in 2012 and it will be updated next year.

The book covers important topics from preparing your house for sale to tackling the Homebuyer’s Survey. No Legal Jargon is used at any point, so rest-assured you’ll feel confident that you’ll know everything you need to know by the end.

This E-Book was eventually made into a book and can now be bought on Amazon! It has received a 5 star review and some excellent feedback:

“I particularly liked the links to key websites which are a rich source of information. It is a vital read those new to the market place and an excellent digest to the more experienced”

“This isn’t a do your own conveyancing manual …. but an easy to read, informal, guide… If you want a very readable introductory guide to the subject this book is to be recommended.”

If you would like to access your free download of this e-book, simply click the button below.

What’s The Name of That Legal Thingy: The A-Z Guide Through the Jargon of Conveyancing.

Does your Conveyancer speak in Jargon? If so, this can make you feel a bit out of your depth.

However, we have the answer.

We have created a simple, straight-forward A-Z E-Book guide of the words you are most likely to come across during the Conveyancing process along with their meanings!

So now you won’t be scared off by complicated Latin words like ‘Caveat Emptor’, and you’ll certainly know your ‘Freeholds’ from your ‘Leaseholds’!

‘Legal Thingy’ started out as a LinkedIn Slideshare presentation, along with others in its series:

What’s the Name of That Legal Thingy? has probably been one of our most popular and well-received E-Books. The feedback says it all:

“Fantastically useful as well as hilarious in places! I never knew what Easement / Covenant / Disbursements meant before!”
To download your free Jargon-Busting E-Book, simply click below.

STOP PRESS…We have something else in store for you. Watch our introductory video to find out what it might be, click below!

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