The Most Popular Conveyancing Blogs of 2013: Part 1

Paul Hajek | 20 Dec 2013

most popular conveyancing blogs of 2013I love lists, me!

And what better time of year than to compile a list of the most popular Conveyancing blogs of 2013 as voted for by you, dear reader.

You have certainly been very busy and kept turning the pages of our website – some 87,443 pages to be precise.

Blog pickers this is a two part post counting down from No 10 to No 6 with the top five in next week’s post. Without giving too much away, those of you reading the Sunday Times this weekend may not be too surprised at the overall winner.

So, as I clear my throat, and have a mental tune somewhere along the lines of “da da dadda da” I give you the most popular Conveyancing blogs of 2013.

10.  Don’t Let Your Estate Agent Bully You

A timely post on not allowing your Estate Agent into bullying you into choosing their Conveyancing Solicitors or more likely Conveyancers. Clue: they’re getting paid for referring you otherwise why do you think they are being so persistent?

9.    Chipping Sodbury and the Waitrose Effect

This post garnered quite a bit of attention and was featured in the local Gazette and also mentioned on the BBC website:

one local firm of solicitors announced on its website: “Chipping Sodbury will become aspirational with opening of new Waitrose store.” It offered a special “Waitrose conveyancing” discount ahead of the store’s opening.

            Do they mean us?

8.     New Buy Scheme for First Time Buyers: A Good Buy or A By-Pass?

Not surprising this one as the new Government scheme was very fresh at the time. The numbers of first time buyers who have already taken up the scheme would indicate the former and not the latter answer.            

7.     How Long Does It Take To Move House?

The visual may well have been a piece of string but we went for keys dangled by the Estate Agent. Some good clues and tips included to keep you sane and guide you through the Conveyancing maze.

6.      Local Authority Searches: The Lowdown

This one is a good example of one of our evergreen Conveyancing posts as it was originally posted in May 2011 as part of our Everything You Need To Know About Buying and Selling Your House – in 31 Bite-Sized Chunks. My magnum opus of posting a blog on Conveyancing everyday throughout May that year.

If you would like our rather dashing colourful and racy eBook “Everything You Need To Know About Buying or Selling a House in 26 Bite- Sized Chunks” which we created on the back of those posts you can download it (and don’t be shy we won’t ask for your email or your inside leg measurements) below

We apologise if we are teasing (well not really!) but you will need to wait now for a further seven days until the Top 5 Most Popular Conveyancing Blogs next Friday

Until then, may we wish all our clients and readers a Happy Christmas from everyone at Clutton Cox

Paul Hajek

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