So You’re Thinking of Moving Home This Summer…

null | 31 Jul 2015

major home move 7 day property bootcamp“It’s been a long time since I rock n’ rolled” as Robert Plant and the boys once screeched and twanged. Does that sound familiar when you look back at the last time you moved home?

We’ve lost count of all those conversations we’ve had with our Conveyancing and Estate Agency clients over the years. 

The conversations run along the lines of:
•    “But, it’s been so long since I moved I hardly know where to start”
•    “I’ve never moved home before. I’m a bit worried it will go all wrong”
•    “It’s so much more complicated than I remember”
•    “What do I need to do first and what should I be aware of?

It can be daunting and stressful and there is always the fear of the unknown.

But we understand, so we’ve designed a unique free course with you in mind.

Major Home-Move’s 7 Day Buying and Selling Property Bootcamp

We think we may have just found the answers to the questions you’ve been looking for.

In conjunction with our special instructor ‘Major Home-Move’ (not his real name), we have devised a 7 day course with a few exercises to get you fit and ready for your home move.

We call it:  Major Home-Move’s 7 Day Buying and Selling Property Bootcamp.

The good Major Home-Move will gear you up for some tough love so that when you sell you can achieve the best price for your property and when you buy your next home he’ll give you great advice on what to expect.

We believe you should not rush into selling and buying your house or flat without proper preparation. I mean, if you ran the 100 metres or a marathon completely unprepared, then you could run the danger of tearing a hamstring or getting terrible cramps. 

Yikes. Why would you?

Why You Need Is Major Home-Move’s 7 Day Property Bootcamp

Major Home-Move will ease you in gently over the course of just one week with lots of stretching and aerobic exercises from the comfort of your PC or Mobile Device.

Each day, for 7 days, you will receive an e-mail focusing on a specific target area to give you a thorough knowledge on buying and selling your home.

The Course

The priority is to take you through entertaining and educational exercises gained from all The Major’s (OK –our) years in the Property world. The good Major will also take out some of the hard yards for you by curating great content from around the webisphere (the Major is a bit old-fashioned) to save you the time and effort.

Once you negotiated through your Induction Day you’ll move on to:

•    Find out how long it actually takes to move home.

•    What you need to do now to get your house ready before putting it on the market. 

•    Top tips on how to find the right estate agent and the right Conveyancer for you.

•    Find out which 10 property websites to visit before you buy (see what we did there?) 

•    How to make your move as stress-free as possible 

Rewards for Graduating Property Bootcamp.

If you have seen the film Officer and a Gentleman, you know that the Drill Sergeant and the recruits are (pretty much) best of friends at the end of the Bootcamp.

And Major Home- Move is no different.

If you stay the course, you’ll receive not one, not two but THREE small rewards for all your hard work to help you further when you move home – with the good Major’s compliments.

So there’s the promise: interesting and entertaining content so that this moving home and conveyancing malarkey won’t seem so daunting! 

Earn your stripes and move with ease and confidence.

If you’re interested, then go ahead and sign up below.

It’s completely free to join so you really have nothing to lose, but everything to gain.

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