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Paul Hajek | 11 May 2016

The Hoot Online Conveyancing Magazine

Allow me to take a wild guess.

You probably think Conveyancing is, let’s be frank, can be a tad boring.

Perhaps, a step below a trip to the Dentist but, nevertheless a necessary evil before you can safely move into your new home.

Indeed, my version of hell would be seated at a Dinner Party between an Arsenal fan and someone who set out to do their own Conveyancing.


How Can We Make Conveyancing Interesting?

What we try to do here at Clutton Cox Towers is something a little more, well, elevating and, damn it, full-on interesting.

Getting you moved out of your existing and into your new home safely, efficiently and with the minimum of fuss is frankly not enough anymore.

We want you to experience a little bit more.

We want you to enjoy some informative, exciting and useful content from us (and others)and not just your regular supply of great legal content.

The Launch of an Online Property and Style Magazine

So our boffins, deep in the underground vaults below downtown Chipping Sodbury we came up with the idea of an online magazine.

So, here we are and welcome to the launch of The Hoot

What The Hoot Is All About

We ought to manage your expectations ever so slightly.

Don’t think of it as the Liliput version of the Times’ Bricks & Mortar.

Don’t think of it as Home & Gardens and 25 Beautiful Homes meets the Village Green

Don’t think of it as simply David taking on that Goliath again

But, rather think of it as invaluable resource bringing together all that is good about moving home and what pleasure can be had once you’re in your new home.

We’re freeing ourselves from the narrow confines of just Conveyancing and building week by week ( no new editions for us it will be fresh whenever you alight on a page) into an online resource to inform, enlighten and inspire.

A place where you could enjoy the finer life loosely based around moving home.

We’d like to think wise words and wonderful things.


But, here’s the thing, in that wonderful sharing environment that is the internet, you, dear and respected reader, can help, or to use the current cliché du jour, point us in “the right direction of travel”

We’re focusing on moving home, travel, helpful advice, product reviews, recipes and anything which takes our fancy that may be of interest to you.

The Launch Edition

In the launch edition, we’re very grateful for Chipping Sodbury’s own fabulous Baker Brothers for an excellent Spring lamb recipe.


We’ve added some timely Spring cleaning advice if you are thinking of selling your home soon. There’s gizmos galore to make life a little bit easier for you in that task. And, we’ve dug out some gems of places to stay in our beautiful Cotswolds.

We hope you enjoy the Hoot – it’s with you in mind after all

Stay tuned.

Did You Know?      If You Buy Just One Chair…      Made by Bob

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