How to Sell Your House Quickly in 2013: A Simple 5 Point Plan

Paul Hajek | 23 Jan 2013


besley hill estate agents for sale board chipping sodburyThose scarce  green shoots of a housing market recovery have been spotted this week by RightMove, the leading website property portal

Rightmove said traffic to its site is up 27% on this time a year ago, and new listings have increased by 22%.

Does that mean if you put your house on the market now, you are guaranteed to sell your house quickly, right?  Definitely, maybe; but as always when selling your house, there are some cardinal rules to follow.

In order to achieve the best possible price for your house in the shortest possible time your house must be in tip top condition. The flight to quality which has been a feature of the UK housing market, post recession, shows no sign of abating.

Although, the housing market has been subdued since Autumn 2008, houses have been selling  but competition remains fierce.

How to Sell Your House Quickly in 2013

By following our simple 5 point plan you could save yourself months of inactivity and stand a realistic chance of selling relatively quickly and at the best possible price.

1.     PUT your home in tip top condition. Give yourself as much time as possible before you actually put your property on the market for sale. This will allow you time to declutter your home, touch up areas in need of a lick of paint, redecorate and carry out minor repairs.

“Kerb Appeal” is an essential ingredient in selling your house quickly. If you are half hearted about the look and presentation of your home- don’t expect to get the best price.

2.     ASK three local estate Agents to carry out valuations for your Property.

Resist the urge to go with the highest valuation.  Believe it or not, some Estate Agents deliberately over value to gain instructions from you. As long as they have you on their books, they are happy to wait for you to reduce the value of your  property.

3.     BE HUMBLE and listen to your Estate Agent for his advice. You will need a steely determination to sell and be aggressive with your market valuation.


If the offer you receive on your house is below your asking price, think hard.

The offer may actually turn out be the highest offer you receive, rather than the first of many escalating offers.

When our conveyancing clients ask us to advise them generally on buying a property, we always tell them to find out how long the property has been on the market.

And remember, if you are buying as well as selling you should be able to drive as hard a bargain on the property you wish to buy.

Accepting a 10% reduction on your asking price and negotiating at least a 10% reduction on the house you wish to buy is a good negotiation.

5.     BE PREPARED make CERTAIN your finances and have loans agreed in principle so there is no delay when you have sold your property and found one to buy.

Lenders are very cautious about lending, equally, Estate Agents will not want to waste time with buyers whose heads are in the clouds.

By knowing you will have funds available at an early stage will ensure you avoid disappointment later.


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Enjoy and Good Luck

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