How To Get All Your Ducks in a Row Between Exchange and Completion

Paul Hajek | 12 Jan 2015

Update: this blog has now been updated, and you can view it here.

What to Do Between Exchange and Completion

Or to put it another way Your 7 Point Plan For a Stress Free Big Day When You Move Home

Those keen-eyed observers of our Best Conveyancing Blogs of 2014 would have seen a new entrant straight in at No 2: Getting Ready For Completion Day: Things To Do, People To Call”

 “We here you”, as one of those interminable betting adverts might say, and have created a new Slideshare presentation especially for those potentially stress-ridden days between exchanging contracts on your sale or purchase and the actual moving day.

So take it away and enjoy (and please share with family, friends and acquaintances – they’ll be delighted with your generosity.




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