Don’t Kill Yourself Kirstie Allsopp!

Paul Hajek | 23 Aug 2010

Kirstie Allsop, property guru, Channel 4 presenter and the Government’s Property Tsar (still not sure what that means) tweeted last week that she would “do something even if it killed her” to campaign against and help avoid same day exchanges and completions when moving home. 

I know what she means.

I have had to counsel many many clients over the years, in my role as a Conveyancing Solicitor, through the traumas of the same day exchange and move.

The “Will It Won’t It Happen” game of Russian Roulette is not something I would wish on my worst enemies, not even life long Arsenal supporters.

I pointed out the dangers and the need to avoid same day exchange and completion in one of my previous posts “At Least 10 Ways to Avoid to Ensure a Stress Free House Move” and more recently here in my blog

As I mentioned, a same day exchange of contracts and completion is a recipe for potential disaster and for maximum stress!

You may be encouraged to do this by your Estate Agent BUT most house sales involve a chain of transactions and sometimes a lengthy one.

The worst outcome would be not actually moving on the day proposed because one person in the chain may change their minds.

This will inevitably involve you in extra costs of removals and probably legal fees as well, not to mention your own time and efforts.

So for your sanity and to preserve Kirstie as a national treasure, avoid same day exchanges and completions at all cost.

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