Conveyancing: What’s the Name of That Legal Thingy?

Paul Hajek | 22 Aug 2014

Update: this blog has now been updated, and you can view it here.

Some say Conveyancing Solicitors are not native to this planet.

Some say Conveyancing Solicitors are not of our solar system at all.

Some say that such is their propensity to use Conveyancing Jargon  and to speak in forked-tongues that even judges in a Conveyancing Jargon Contest would be unable to understand what they were on about.

All we know, is, that not all Conveyancing Solicitors are the same and that when you buy and sell your house or flat with Clutton Cox  we promise to speak to you in Plain English.

And here’s a little something to prove it.

What’s the Name of That Legal Thingy? – An A-Z Guide through the Jargon of Conveyancing.
As they used to say on TV “and now for viewers at home only” we present for you a simple and straight-forward Conveyancing Guide to help you when you move house or encounter your Conveyancing Solicitor for the first time.
Just think no need to feel embarrassed or inadequate anymore when that  bloke down the pub or the know-it-all at a friend’s gathering or dinner party starts up a conversation on Conveyancing.
Well, OK, that last bit may be a tad unlikely.
Anyway, no Dummies or Idiots Guide to Conveyancing Jargon for us we’ve created a special slideshare presentation for you.
This Guide is designed to give a head start and a heads up and enable you fight (if you need to ) toe-to toe with anyone who hurls Conveyancing Jargon in your general direction.
This Jargon-Busting Conveyancing Guide is in two parts with Part 2 not unsurprisingly called an Extended Guide Through the Jargon of Conveyancing will be published next week.
We have created a couple of slideshare presentations already called 36 Things You Won’t Get from Another Conveyancing Law Firm When You Move House which you can view here.

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