Conveyancing: Pick ‘N’ Mix or A La Carte

Paul Hajek | 25 Jul 2014

great assortment of conveyancing content

Great legal content is our goal.

Our mantra is “Clients Ask – We Answer”.

We were the first Conveyancing Solicitors to blog on Conveyancing way back in 2008.

And Blogging has been the bedrock of our legal content ever since.

But, We’ve Evolved Our Conveyancing Content!

We’ve learned along the way that clients like to digest legal content in different ways and through different media.

Our Clients like to read, to view, to look and to listen to legal content about Conveyancing and Moving Home.

So, we now produce not just Conveyancing blogs but also eBooks, a published book, video, infographics and slideshare presentations so that whatever medium you choose there is something easily accessible for you.

And what’s more, we’ve now a great little tool which can take you on a random journey through all our great legal content.

Yes, your eye has probably caught it by now: it’s the whirly thing below.

So, why not take our legal content for a journey.

You never know what you might find or where it may you (there’s a few silly Twitter photos to keep you amused as well)

And, if there is anything you particularly like, please do pass it on to family, friends and colleagues.

And, by the way, if anything which isn’t up to the mark or requires more detail or needs expanding do let us know and you’ll be the first to receive the updated and “cooking on gas” version.

As we said “Clients Ask _ We Answer



Paul Hajek

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