Conveyancing Fees: Fixed,, Fixed, Fixed; All the Time

Paul Hajek | 17 Dec 2010

When it comes to knowing what you are paying for when you buy or sell your home, why is it that not all Conveyancing Solicitors give can give clients a fixed fee quotation.

Clearly, it’s what consumers want according to a recent survey carried out on behalf of Contact Law, a law firm referral service.

An overwhelming 90% of those polled would prefer to be given a fixed quote at the outset.

A goodly 59% also said that the Conveyancing fees they paid to their Conveyancing Solicitors on their last move were reasonable.

Well done for that Conveyancing Solicitors!

Whether you are having your Conveyancing in Chipping Sodbury; Conveyancing in Yate; Conveyancing in Thornbury or Conveyancing in Bristol, you will be aware that most Conveyancing Solicitors in those areas already charge fixed fees for Conveyancing.

In every aspect of buying and selling your home, you will be aware of the costs involved from mortgage application, valuation and survey fees and of course Estate Agency Fees.

Conveyancing fees should be no different.

At Clutton Cox we have been giving fixed fees for Conveyancing for over 25 years. Clutton Cox has developed a guaranteed fixed fee for Conveyancing with no hidden extras.

Our Conveyancing experience allows us to place a fixed fee on every aspect of the Conveyancing process.

All these fixed fees are given upfront to our clients giving them complete piece of mind.

The list is so extensive that if something does crop up that could not have been expected, and it is not part of our list, you simply do not pay for it.

You can get all the information needed on Conveyancing fees from our online calculator. Click here for the online Conveyancing fees calculator.

Conveyancing solicitors need to give clients what they want.

Here at Clutton Cox we are doing our best to meet our clients and potential clients’ needs.


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