10 Quite Interesting Things About Buying a House in Yate

Paul Hajek | 22 Aug 2013

yate, bristol, south gloucestershireAre you thinking of buying a house in Yate?

This post is to give you a “behind the scenes” look at what you will need to consider if your are buying a house in Yate

1.Tell Us A Little About Yate

Yate was a new town built in the early sixties as an overspill for Bristol. Yet, there is actually a reference to Yate contained in the Doomsday Book. Which was compiled in around 1086 

Yate is about 13 miles north east of Bristol, with good motorway links being not too far from both Junction 18 of M4 and Junction 14 of M5 and the M32 into Bristol. Yate Railway station was reopened in 1989.

Yate has recently had the benefit of a new Tesco Extra and Mark & Spencer Food open in the last year or so. More plans are in the offing for a cinema and further restaurants.

The local authority is South Gloucestershire. You can find here the range of services provided by South Gloucestershire Council 

  1. Are there any new homes being built in Yate?

There are a couple of developers who are building homes in Yate with considerably more development to follow.

Elswick Park, Kennedy Way, Yate is a development by Taylor Wimpey which is now 96% sold. House prices range from £143995 to £239995.

Westerleigh Mews is a collection of 2 bedroom apartments and 2, 3 and 4 bedroom homes built by crest Nicholson with prices ranging from £239995 to £324995

Barratt Homes was granted detailed Planning Permission last month for 235 homes at Peg Hill in North Yate. The Barrett Homes permission is part of a wider scheme in the area for upto 3,000 new homes and facilities.

Cyclists will be pleased to know there is a cycle route which will take you all the way from North Yate to the new Waitrose Store in Chipping Sodbury.

  1. What is the Difference between South Yate and North Yate

There is very little left of what would be recognised as old Yate other than St Mary’s Church. Most people now refer to either South Yate or North Yate.

But, did you know that North Yate is newer than South Yate and that the term North Yate was conjured originally by some local Estate Agents.

North Yate was built in the 1980s and 1990s and is set for further expansion.

  1. Was There Any Mining Activity in Yate I Need to Worry About?

Past Mining Activity was carried on in the area parallel with Station Road.

The Eggshill Colliery  ceased operations in 1906. It is wise (and essential) if you are obtaining a mortgage for your house purchase to have a Coal Authority search carried.

The main mining area was to the west away from the town centre in an area called Engine Common

  1. Was There Any Other Mining Activity in Yate Other Coal?

Towards the western end of Yate was also mined for celestine,   a component of fireworks. Celestine Road gets is name from the mineral. All Celestine operations finished in 1994. Towards the eastern end of Yate, limestone was also mined in the past

  1. Do You Need Chancel Repair Liability Insurance when Buying a Property in Yate? ?

You may have heard a lot about Chancel Repair Liability recently as the deadline in most cases for registration is 13th October 2013. Chancel Repair Liability is a potential blight on your house as it entails a responsibility for upkeep of nearby medieval churches.

St Mary’s Church in Yate dates back to Norman times. If you are selling your property and come within roughly the parish of St. Mary’s your Conveyancing Solicitor may carry out a Chancel Repair Liability search on the property you are buying, although it is unlikely that you would need to take out insurance.

  1. What are the Estate Agents in Yate Like?

All the estate agents in Yate with one exception are part of corporate organisations.

There are essentially three different types of High Street Estate Agents: e.g.Corporate ( owned by big brands) Franchised ( owner run, but part of a larger marketing franchise umbrella) and independent Estate Agents run as one-man bands, partnerships or limited companies.

The Corporate Estate Agents are the most voracious in trying to sell you other services such as mortgages, and Conveyancing.

Always consider options and obtain a few quotations for every service you require especially Conveyancing. For example the Conveyancing linked with the corporate Estate Agents in Yate is not carried out locally, but is carried out in another country or up the other end of the country. Not ideal if you like the comfort of popping into your local solicitors to drop some papers off or have a chat about how your sale or purchase is progressing

Be resolute and do not be brow beaten into submission – Don’t let your Estate Agent bully you!

  1. Are There Any Estate Agents in North Yate?

Yes, Woods Estate Agents is a locally owned Estate Agency in North Yate which is well regarded. Woods, however, will receive a referral fee for pushing you towards their favoured firm of Conveyancing Solicitors.

You may also find houses for sale in Yate being marketed by Estate Agents in Chipping Sodbury and Estate Agents in Winterbourne.

  1. How Many Firms of Conveyancing Solicitors in Yate are there?

There are two Conveyancing firms  in Yate, namely Wards and Batchelor Sharp.

  1.  Is It Better To Use a Local Solicitor in Yate?

It makes sense to consider using a local Conveyancing Solicitor for your house sale or purchase in Yate.

You get the convenience and peace of mind of your Conveyancing Solicitor on your doorstep. If there should be any hiccups you can always pop into to see your local Conveyancing Solicitor face to face.

Any More Questions About Buying a House in Yate?

If you have any specific questions about buying or selling in Yate please do not hesitate to contact us. We would be more than delighted to help you from our specialised knowledge of the local area. Email us or telephone without any obligation.

If  you would like help with budgeting for Conveyancing and legal fees you can get a free online conveyancing quotation by clicking below.

Happy House Hunting (or Selling).        

Paul Hajek

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