10 Quite Interesting Things About Buying A House in Chipping Sodbury

Paul Hajek | 22 Oct 2013

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People selling their houses in Chipping Sodbury can now add in their Estate Agents’ particulars the number of feet, yards, miles kilometres from Waitrose since it opened its automatic doors to the local populace on 10th October 2013.

Chipping Sodbury has now officially become Aspirational!

If you are “aspiring” to buy a house in Chipping Sodbury we’ve put together 10  interesting, quite interesting facts sprinkled with some, let’s be fair, some quite dull interludes. You choose!

  1. Chipping Sodbury is a medieval town (it says so on the new sign) about 11 miles north east of Bristol and 14 miles North West of Bath on the edge of the Cotswolds ( although my wife insists we’re not “proper” Cotswolds).

The M4 motorway at Junction 18 of M4 is about 4 miles away and Junction 14 of M5 is about 7 miles away.

Bristol Parkway Station is about 8 miles away with frequent services to London. A local service to Bristol and Gloucester is available from Yate Station a couple of miles away.

2. Chipping Sodbury has the second widest street in England. This may come under the aforementioned categories, interesting, quite             interesting or dull depending on your standpoint.

3.The word “Chipping” means market or market square. The Hamlets of Little Sodbury and Old Sodbury make up the three Sodburys.There is no such place as Sodding Chipbury and it is wrong to call younger inhabitants “Little Sods”

4.Channel 4 refused (allegedly) to allow our very own Fabulous Baker Boys to use the word Chipping Sodbury in their bakery series.The grounds given were that no one would take anyone seriously from Chipping Sodbury. I mean, really!

5.There are relatively few town houses in the High Street, Broad Street and Horse Street. There are plans for further housing at Barnhill Quarry behind the Waitrose supermarket and 235 houses a little over a mile away at Peg Hill.

6.There are no pubs on Chipping Sodbury High Street (good quiz question) but 7 along Broad Street and Horse Street and Rounceval            Street.

7.No need to worry about Chancel Repair Liability in respect of St John the Baptist Church in Chipping Sodbury which dates back to Norman times.

8.There are two firms of solicitors in Chipping Sodbury or to put it another way one other law firm Beaufort Montague Harris.

Like Clutton Cox, there is no longer a Mr. Clutton a Mr. Cox, a Mr. Beaufort, a Mr. Montague or a Mr. Harris working in the law firms – I did say that Chipping Sodbury was medieval didn’t I?

9.There are five Estate Agencies in Chipping Sodbury with David James & Partners a firm of Rural Surveyors and Estate Agents based in Old Sodbury

Three of the Estate Agencies in Chipping Sodbury are owner run, one is part of a franchise and one is corporately owned.

Milburys which also has offices in Thornbury and Wotton under Edge are owner run, as is Country Property Agents.

Besley Hill is a franchise owned by the same person Darren Evans, the Energy Assessors who supply the compulsory Energy Performance Certificates, which are required when you put your home on the market for sale.

The corporate agency is Allen & Harris, which is part of the Sequence group of Estate Agents –Company Policy to refer you to a non local firm of Conveyancing Solicitors (boo, hiss) unless you specifically ask for a local firm of Conveyancing Solicitors (hint, hint)

The latest estate agency to open is the eponymous Farringtons 

As always (proper lawyer stuff coming up) consider options, personal recommendations, check websites and obtain a few quotations for every service you require.

10.Chipping Sodbury is a jolly nice place to live and work.

We love Chipping Sodbury and so will you.

Paul Hajek

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