Contracts & Enquiries

We’ve pushed on out of safe harbour and our first encounter with the Seller’s conveyancer.

Incoming!: The contract and title deeds.

Outgoing!: We’ve seen your contract and title deeds. We then raise the mainsail – or as we say, raise preliminary enquiries and apply for searches!

The Search Rocks!

Searches shine a light on any potential dangers. We will encounter searches including:

  • Local Authority
  • Environmental Searches
  • Water Searches
  • Drainage Searches


Local Authority

Will a shipping lane (OK, new road) go through your new garden? Local authority searches will turn up things like transport plans that will affect the house you want to buy.


What’s the house built on? Heave ho, me hearties! An environmental report will tell you whether the house you want to buy may have some unwanted sunken treasure ie. Built on a landfill site!

Water & Drainage

Is it liable to flood? We know a lot about this one landlubbers! We’ll check for flood risk in the location.

Get Ship Shape!
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Whatever stage of your Conveyancing journey you are on, we will guide you safely to your destination.

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