We’ve done our bit and made sure the coast is clear. What we need you to do is to sign this here piece of paper (the contract). Now, give us some bounty to pay the 10% deposit – we’ll need it later.


If everyone is ready we can exchange those bits of paper. You are in a legally binding contract – no backing out now or else there’ll be all hell (compensation) to pay.

The Pressure Eases

Once you’ve exchanged contracts you can relax a little, but not for long!
Make sure you get your parrots in a row. It won’t be long before the big day (mission accomplished!)

Completion Day

Nearly there now! Completion normally happens around lunch time on the BIG DAY. We’ll carry out final safety checks with the Land Registry and make sure we’ve lined up and sent the money. We’ll get your name onto the Treasure (Title Deeds) – so it’s all official.

Get Ship Shape!
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Whatever stage of your Conveyancing journey you are on, we will guide you safely to your destination.

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