Waitrose Submit Planning Permission for Store in Chipping Sodbury

Paul Hajek | 20 Jul 2010

Waitrose has now formerly lodged its long awaited planning appication for a supernmarket and housing in Chipping Sodbury near Bristol

The proposal which has been in the offing for the last 3-4 years, has divided opinion in much the same way that any major planning proposal does.

Support is broad based with apparently 70% in favour.

My feeling is that the store will breathe a vibrancy into the town which is lacking at present.

Waitrose is a destinaton store which will attract new visitors to the town.

The car parking arrangements will need to be addressed and a maximum 4 hour period ( as with the Bath Store) would be required to ensure visitors stay and use the other shops and restaurants in the town

You can view the planning permission on line at the South Gloucestershire website or view the planning permission for the Waitrose store here







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