“Top Top” Conveyancing or “Top” Conveyancing

Paul Hajek | 28 Oct 2013

top top conveyancingExtracts have abounded in the press this week from Sir Alex Ferguson’s autobiography. Tales of conquest and hairdryers and less or more esoteric subjects depending on your point of view.

One extract that caught my eye involved a debate as to whether Steve Gerard, the Liverpool and England Captain was a “top top” player or just a “top player”

A rather surreal interview on Radio 5Live with some Man United fans tended to agree that Sir Alex was right in his assessment that Steve Gerard was not a top top player.  However, when pressed agreed that Steve Gerard was indeed a top player.

Is Clutton Cox Conveyancing Top Top Conveyancing or Top Conveyancing?

That started me thinking.

Is Clutton Cox regarded as a top top firm of Conveyancing solicitors?

Clutton Cox has been carrying out client satisfaction questionnaires for over 20 years to gage what our client think of our Conveyancing service. You can see what clients thought of Clutton Cox’s conveyancing service here.

Complacency has never been an issue as we have strived and are continually striving to improve our conveyancing services. We’re working at the moment on an improved “Online Conveyancing Calculator” and reviewing our Conveyancing processes to make client experience more informed, streamlined and pleasurable.

But to the best of my knowledge we have not yet received a top top billing – should we be worried?

Do We Need a Change of Strategy?

We could easily change our mission statement to include a commitment to become the top top Conveyancing Solicitors in the land.

Yet,  I’m afraid we may fall short of Brendan Rodgers the Liverpool manager’s contribution to the debate by describing Steven Gerard as a top, top, top, top, top player. A top too far.

Or alternatively, we could seek solace in the fact that most of our clients will not end up speaking like the Redknapps, the Fergusons and (if you are following footballing semantics of late) the Hodgsons

Nevertheless it would be jolly nice to receive a top top conveyancing accolade – one day!

Paul Hajek

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