The Whopping End of Year Conveyancing Quiz (With Prize!)

Paul Hajek | 19 Dec 2016

Please note: the competition to win an Amazon Echo has now closed. However, the quiz will remain open, if you would like to challenge yourself!

Welcome to our whopping end of the year Conveyancing Quiz.

You will find the answers to the questions contained in our Conveyancing posts throughout 2016.

But, to avoid your head-spinning with too much conveyancing we’ve thrown in a few topical legal questions as well.

There will be a prize available of a new Amazon Echo for the person with the right answers and to avoid the need for speed we have a little tie-break question as well.

We’re afraid we won’t be able to enter into any conversations about the quiz (unless you make us laugh) and any complaints must be registered by the cut-off date of 31st December 2025 (yes that’s right 2025!)

Happy quizzing.


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