The Perils of Cheap Conveyancing

Paul Hajek | 12 Dec 2012


legal ombudsman warns against cheap conveyancingCheap Conveyancing doesn’t necessarily mean best value, as the Legal Ombudsman has been pointing out this week.

The Legal Ombudsman is the bloke (actually an organisation) you contact when you are dissatisfied with the legal service you have received from your lawyers and aren’t happy with how your law firm dealt with your complaint.

The Legal Ombudsman has put together a helpful tip sheet based on the type of issues and complaints he has dealt with entitled “Using a Conveyancing lawyer: Ten Helpful Tips”

We’ve put together the 10 tips for ease of reference for you but for even greater assistance we have put a hyper link to a relevant part of the Clutton Cox website expaining things in more detail.

You won’t be surprised, dear reader, to know that we have been giving this advice on our website for quite a while now!

#1 “Think about what type of conveyancing service you’re buying”

#2 “Shop Around”

#3 “Cheapest  doesn’t necessarily mean best value”

#4 “Be wary of hidden costs, disbursements and VAT”

#5 “Check what costs you’ll have to pay if the sale falls through”

#6 “Be wary of referrals and recommendations”

#7 “Communication is key”

#8 “Ask Questions”

#9 “Be sure of what you are buying”

#10 “Remember you have the right to complain”

All in all a useful first attempt by the Legal Ombudsman to demystify the Conveyancing process.

The more information you as an intended buyer or seller has at  your fingertips the better able you are to choose the right Conveyancing solicitor for you.

You can download the Legal Ombudsman’s “Using a Conveyancing Lawyer: Ten Helpful Tips” here.

Paul Hajek

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