The Most Popular Conveyancing Blogs of 2013: Part 2

Paul Hajek | 31 Dec 2013

most popular conveyancing blogs of 2013

Don’t worry if you missed Part 1 of the Most Popular Conveyancing Blogs of 2013 can view them here

As I have mentioned you certainly have been very busy in 2013 and viewed an amazing 87,443 pages on our website.

I give you the second part of the most popular Conveyancing blogs of 2013 Numbers 5 to 1.

5.          Buying a Holiday Home? Can it ever be a primary residence?

            Caught the attention of many of you.

4.          When Is It Legal For Me To Access My Neighbours’ Land?

Another old chestnut which made in the most popular Conveyancing charts previously.

Every Englishman’s home is his castle and curiosity gets in the way.

3.         Do I Need A Homebuyers’ Survey?

            Reassuring to know that this post keeps getting attention. Statistics show that only 20% of buyers commission a survey. This                 post shows why that percentage should be so much more.

2.         Chance Repair Liability: 21 Things You Need to Know and Then Mostly Forget

Proof that the right headline can attract readers ahead of more obvious posts ( without telling you what No. 1 is just yet) this is a stripped down version of the law relating to the pesky Chancel Repair Liability.

So perhaps a question ahead of the No.1 announcement:

           Can an ancient law dating back to the reign of King Henry VIII still cause problems for home owners in 2013 

1.         Chancel Repair Liability: The Full Monty ( everything you need know about Chancel Repair Liability (it says here)

Yes, it can. A remarkable achievement and retains its title as most popular Conveyancing Blog of 2013

The statistics are extraordinary and was our most read Conveyancing blog of 2013 almost 3 times as many reads as the second placed blog which was also on Chancel Repair Liability.

Our biggest ever daily audience coincided with a piece on Chancel Repair Liability by the One Show on BBC1. So many people googled the phrase “Chancel Repair Liability” and our blog came clearly out on top.

Thank you everyone who has read our Conveyancing blogs this year and please pass on, nay share, any which interest you.

As a bonus for reading this far why not download our rather dashing colourful and racy eBook “Everything You Need To Know About Buying a House in 26 Bite- Sized Chunks”. We won’t be won’t ask for your email or your inside leg measurements. Promise.

Until next year (should it ever arrive) may we wish all our clients and readers a Happy, Prosperous and Healthy New Year from everyone at Clutton Cox Conveyancing Solicitors.

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