New Online Conveyancing Calculator Launched

Paul Hajek | 7 Feb 2014

new online conveyancing calculatorGood news: Santa’s elves are not redundant, but have been busy working all hours to revise, tweak and improve our Online Conveyancing Calculator.

It’s the first of a few projects this year to make the Conveyancing process as simple and as accessible as possible for you.

And we are pleased to say our new Online Conveyancing Calculator is now up and running and it’s cooking on gas

Conveyancing Fees Calculator Should Be As Easy To Use As An Airline Ticket Website

It is easy to forget how involved the process of buying airline tickets used to be. You rang the airline or travel agent and waited for the answer or for them to get back to you.

The internet changed all that.

Yet, this is still how many Law Firms believe you should find out about the Conveyancing Fees and Third Party payments you will need to cough up for when you move house.

Can you imagine the frustration potential Buyers and Sellers must feel when they look around law firm websites for a Conveyancing Quotation to budget for their sale or purchase but are merely greeted with the opportunity of emailing the law firm to find out..

Is it the case that many law firms are concerned about giving out their Conveyancing fee information. Why else would they ask you to send an email to be contacted at a time convenient to them.

In our experience many potential buyers and sellers access our Conveyancing Calculator at evenings and weekends when law firms are closed. The internet is a click (literally) click solution to finding information immediately.

You will get an instant Conveyancing fixed fee quotation from us with no hidden extras when you use our online Calculator.

You can try the Clutton Cox Online Calculator for size by clicking below – and it goes without saying ( although curiously I just did that) tell us what you think.

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