Conveyancing Uberflips: The Best Of The Rest

null | 24 Oct 2017

You may have seen a few of these dotted around our blogs in the past…

We’ve always strived to create a wide range of content, from hot conveyancing issues to the ultimate office chair.

These little chunks of content are known as ‘Uberflips’, and to get a flavour, we thought we’d share our top picks with you…

1. Bringing the Indoors Outside

From decking ideas, to lighting, heating and cooking, we explore the best options to make the most of your outside space…

Bringing the Indoors Outside

2. How Much Does Conveyancing Cost?

How do conveyancers charge for conveyancing? What do conveyancing fees mean? What are the other payments involved in moving house? Do not fear! – We’ve got you covered…

How Much Does Conveyancing Cost?

3. Be Energy Saving Savvy

Insulating, draught-proofing, cooking on halogen…take a look at our top tips to help cut the energy bill…

Be Energy Saving Savvy

4. How Long Does Conveyancing Take

It’s the question we get asked the most…

How Long Does Conveyancing Take?

5. Made By Bob

A hidden gem in Cirencester, loved by Clutton Cox’s managing director, Paul Hajek…

Made by Bob

6. What to Do Between Exchange of Contracts and Completion

A month was the norm, now a week is all most clients can expect, sometimes it’s just a few days gap…

What To Do Between Exchange of Contracts and Completion

7. What’s in a Name?

The United Kingdom is littered with towns and villages bearing strange and interesting names. Being based in Chipping Sodbury ourselves, we decided to start there on our journey of place-name discovery…

What’s in a Name?

8. What Does All That Conveyancing Jargon Mean?

Some Conveyancing Solicitors promise to speak to you in Plain English, other Conveyancers may prefer to wallow in the comfort of the odd “hereinbefore” and “aforesaid mentioned”…

What Does All That Conveyancing Jargon Mean?

9. Japanese Knotweed – When All Else Fails

What happens when your home is devalued or the cause is neighbouring property? What are your options? Can you sue anyone?

Japanese Knotweed - When All Else Fails

10. Say Cheese…

As if Morris and Maypole Dancing weren’t enough for the good folk of the Cotswolds, they enjoy chasing cheeses down steep hills or go in for a spot of shin kicking.

Here at Clutton Cox, we decided to find out a little more about these wild and wacky traditions and where to find them…

Say Cheese

If you’ve found these Uberflips of interest, and would like to discover more, check out the Clutton Cox Hub here. Happy reading.

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