Conveyancing Solicitors in Bristol Accept New Bristol Pound

Paul Hajek | 19 Sep 2012


Bristol pounds for conveyancingA major initiative launches at noon today in Bristol: the introduction of the Bristol pound.

And Clutton Cox Conveyancing Wills and Probate Solicitors believe they are the first firm of solicitors to sign up for the scheme and welcome the Bristol pound for conveyancing in Bristol.

As the Bristol Pound website explains:

Bristol Pounds are spent just like pounds sterling with £B1 equal in value to £1 sterling.

Each Bristol Pound is backed pound for pound by sterling deposits, so taking part incurs no more financial risk than is generally the case when depositing money with an authorised and regulated institution.

The Bristol Pound is a complimentary currency, designed to work alongside sterling, not replace it.
Business accounts are available to traders that are independently owned and based in or around Bristol.

Anyone will be able to pay with or accept printed Bristol Pounds as they will be in free circulation.

Whilst there are some rules for taking part in the scheme, local currency is not legal tender and so accepting Bristol Pounds is voluntary.

The initiative is  a very exciting development with over 230 traders and businesses already signed up.

So if you are buying or selling a home in Bristol and you wish to use your Bristol pounds for your Conveyancing, Clutton Cox will happily accept your Bristol Pounds 

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Paul Hajek


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