Conveyancing Solicitors: As Approachable As One, Two, Tweet.

Paul Hajek | 18 Sep 2015

Update: this blog has now been updated, and you can view it here.

 conveyancing solicitors social mediaConveyancing is not an ideal dinner party conversation topic.

In fact, I would go as far as saying that my worst dinner party nightmare would be sitting between an Arsenal fan and someone who tried to do their own Conveyancing.

But Social Media is different.

Everyone’s invited.

1.73 billion people in the world use social networking sites.

There are a whopping 968 million on Facebook, 316 million on Twitter, 300 million on Instagram, 72.8 million on Pinterest and 70 million visit Linkedin SlideShare each month.

The beauty and simplicity of social media is that law firms can join the conversation with clients and prospects alike.

So, how can social media help you with your legal need or problem?

What has your social media law firm ever done for you?

Conveyancing and Social Media

 Social-Networking Solicitors? How dull! 

Surely lawyers have nothing interesting to say, yet alone, share?

But, search the word “Conveyancing” on Twitter and you will open your world to a vast array of legal content.

Many Conveyancing firms, to be fair, don’t yet understand the why of Twitter and think it is a new-fangled Yellow Pages substitute, but there we are.

But some law firms try to be social and listen to their clients’ questions, wants and needs.

The best are trying to make the law more accessible, creating engaging, educational informative and more digestible legal content.

Some try to make it a fun experience as well.

How to Keep in Touch With Your Law Firm

There are an increasing number of social platforms available.

We shall list some of the most popular, and by way of example, we’ll use a certain firm of Conveyancing Wills and Probate Solicitors in Chipping Sodbury to show how they can be used.

We have categorised the social platforms so you can see for yourself which one may be more appropriate for you.

“I like short, bite-sized chunks of information at regular intervals.”

That’ll be Twitter.

Twitter is precise -140 characters only per Tweet.

We tweet @cluttoncoxlegal regular news updates concerning the property market.

We curate useful content on all aspects of moving home with content from Estate Agents, Housing Market experts and even other law firms.

We retweet great content so you receive a very well-rounded (and fun) experience.

You can also follow @paulhajek for a more jumbled-up view of the world.

 “I like good stuff that I can share with my friends and family.”

That’ll be Facebook.

Unlike Twitter, there isn’t a word limit.

And we realise that Facebook is primarily social and not for business.

Our new Facebook page shares Property, Wills and Probate news to keep you updated, as well as regular blogs and funny posts to balance things out a bit! We try our best to create share-able content.

You can easily comment on our posts or write on our Wall if you have any questions.

If our content interests you, then our hope is that you share it with your friends and family.

Find our page under Clutton Cox Solicitors 

“I’m more of a visual person. I prefer looking at images.”

That’ll be Instagram.

Instagram isn’t just for the young’uns anymore! 25% of adults aged 30-49 and 11% aged 50-64 had an account in 2014 and the percentages are only growing.

Instagram is a visual-centric social site where we create beautiful content both for fun and educational purposes. Amongst selfies and motivational quotes, we still post some excellent content, such as our Conveyancing Jargon-Buster Word of the Day so you can learn as you scroll.

Not only can you enjoy the fun, visual side of Clutton Cox, but you can learn about the process of buying and selling your home as you go. We want to hear what you think about our content; ranging from informative, motivational and funny. Find us @cluttoncox.

“I’m a more visual person and I like a good story.”

That’ll be LinkedIn SlideShare.

We love the SlideShare ethos.

SlideShare is a great visual tool for creating appealing content and that can extend even to the boring and turgid.

Our Conveyancing Jargon Buster with over 20,000 views tells its own story.

“A picture is worth a thousand words.”

That’ll be Pinterest.

80% of Pinterest users are women, and it seems like a lot of these women like to plan!

Pinterest is the social site that allows you to map out your dream life through Pins; Pins (of) Interest.

Many pin their dream houses and interior designs.

Our Pinterest page offers easy access to our blogs and SlideShares and useful content from other great pinners all split into different categories depending on what you’re looking for.

We have everything ranging from moving home advice and estate agent tips to our favourite pictures of dream houses and interior designs -We can get carried away too!

You’ll find us under Clutton Cox Solicitors.

“I like to view everything from my smart phone and I want it now!”

That’ll be an App and a Responsive Website.

We all like Apps: Simple, straight-forward and accessible.

Download our Clutton Cox App for easy access to all our legal content.

We also have an updated website: so that all our content will fit correctly into whatever mobile or tablet device you use.

Proof of the Social Media Pudding

We’re proud of our social credentials, but don’t take our word for it.

Paul Hajek ranks third (behind a couple of the largest law firms in the country) on the TM Group’s social media influence leader board for Conveyancers. 

And we’ve won other awards as well.

Not bad really! 

We Want To Be Social With You

We’d like to get to know you, dear reader.

Whatever social media platform you choose, you’ll find us there!

We’d love you to favourite, retweet, insta-like, pin and most importantly – follow us!

Start a conversation or ask us a conveyancing question.

And in the meantime, if you are thinking of moving home this autumn or winter get yourself fit and ready to move with our free Property Bootcamp PDF!

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