Conveyancing in Pictures: What To Do When You Next Move Home

Paul Hajek | 24 Oct 2013

We break off our normal Conveyancing Wills and Probate service to bring you breaking news of our new Conveyancing video.

You know we like to be a little bit different at Clutton Cox when it comes to Conveyancing Wills and Probate. You know – stand out from the herd – that sort of thing.

Many, and not just you, loyal reader, have enjoyed our cartoon (featuring the voice of Apple’s Siri, no less) and the reasons you need to make a Will.

So we now bring you a brief pictorial of what you need to consider before appointing Conveyancing Solicitors for your next move home: all in one minute and eighteen seconds.

It is something new and our first effort and we have a few more information pictorials about moving home and Conveyancing over the next few months.

We would love to hear what you think about our little animation and would be absolutely delighted if you liked it to share it with family friends and colleagues.

Click below and enjoy:

And now back to the news -more traditional content on Conveyancing Wills and Probate will resume next week.

Paul Hajek

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